Adidas ZX Flux Adv Asym “Solid Grey”


Adidas keeps developing running shoes, and one of the most popular ones are definitely from the ZX Flux line. To refresh this line they launched a new Spring 2016 ZX Flux Adv Asym.

These shoes look very modern and minimal. What you first notice is that this shoe doesn’t have the recognizable three straps, but is completely draped in Solid Grey. Everything from sole and uppers to the laces come in this beautiful color.

Adidas ZX Flux Adv Asym “Solid Grey” Running Shoes

Adidas ZX Flux Adv Asym are completely grey and have modern asymmetrical lacing.

The idea was to make a similar outsole like the running classic from 1988 and incorporate the revolutionary Torsion system. The asymmetrical lacing gives a unique touch to the minimal design. These shoes have a heel support, synthetic mesh upper and a slightly slimmer midsole than usually found on other Adidas running shoes.

Adidas ZX Flux Adv Asym “Solid Grey” From The Front

These shoes have heel support for a comfortable wear.

It goes without saying that they can be used for everyday activities, not only running. The minimal design makes them great for combining with different outfits. They will increase your performance, and stay very comfortable wherever you go.

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