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With a variety of good-looking and functional backpacks on the market, you might think that there isn’t much room for innovation in this field. Well, The North Face Access Pack is here to prove you wrong. This backpack features a number of new features, and three of them are patent pending. The minimalist design and enhanced functionality make this backpack a perfect item to use on many occasions, both formal and casual.

The Access Pack has innovative features all over, starting from the main compartment access, instead of the classic zipper closure, there’s a one-touch opening clasp for easy access. There are also laptop and phone compartments that feature an ejector tab system for loading and retrieving accessories. This system provides a completely new way of interaction with your backpack. With this technology, there’ll be no more digging around to fetch your gadgets. Your devices will be properly protected thanks to the exoskeleton structure that will also help keep the pack its shape.

Two North Face Access Packs, grey, closed, front and back view, on a white background.

The Access Pack features minimalist design with a tension lock attached to the shoulder straps for a comfortable fit

The Access Pack represents the next generation backpack. A wide range of new user-friendly features improves the functionality and versatility of this pack. The shoulder straps have an integrated tension lock that removes excess material and provides a comfortable, ergonomic fit. The North Face is famous for the innovative outdoor equipment, and this backpack will be no exception. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and more secure than regular backpacks. It also provides plenty of storage space for all the accessories you need to have with you during the day.

Two North Face Access Packs, grey, slightly open with a laptop inside, oriented in opposite sides.

The North Face Access Pack features an innovative one-touch opening mechanism instead of a zipper

The separate pockets for different accessories make the Access Pack very user-friendly. All your gadgets and accessories will be well-organized and in order and the easy access ejector tabs with a pull cord will save you time and effort removing your stuff from the bag. The prototype of the backpack is grey and its simple design radiates elegance and functionality. It will be available from July 1st on The North Face website, in their stores and at select retailers in Europe. It’s estimated that the price will be around $270. [via]

North Face Access Pack, grey, half open, with a white laptop and two phones in inside pockets. On a white background.

The exoskeleton structure helps the pack maintain its shape and protects your devices while the ejector tabs provide quick access

Check out the video to see the Access Pack in action:

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