Ablenook was inspired by the unfortunate events of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, two young architects of the University of South Florida, Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross decided to develop a modular house that could be quickly assembled and that could provide privacy and dignity to the families struck by a disaster.

The result is a stylish portable house that can be assembled by no more than two unskilled persons for under two hours.

The structure of AbleNook is entirely made of high quality extruded aluminum panels with electrical conduits, so the easy access to power is secured once the elements are put together.

video via SeanVerdecia

The size and the final shape of an AbleNook house are left to the constructor’s imagination. Indeed, the fact that these panels can be configured in numerous different shapes and sizes is the most striking feature of the AbleNook concept.

AbleNook features four separate, fully adjustable leg jacks, making the portable house stand firmly on a wide range of terrains and in different environments.
The structure is strong and secure and also features integrated solar panels on the roof. Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross have developed AbleNook to be entirely sustainable and environmentally-friendly, so each house is made from recyclable, waste-free materials and features simple natural ventilation system, avoiding the need for air-conditioning and wide windows to use as much of the natural light as possible.

Although the basic purpose of AbleNook is a disaster relief facility, it is clear that this concept could find the use way beyond it. AbleNook is, before anything else, a brilliant concept for a portable accommodation that can be a perfect retreat for the modern nomad, a summer office or anything else.

Two versions of the AbleNook are to be produced – larger disaster relief homes and smaller versions for regular users. Estimated price is about 16.000 USD and the house is to be shipped flat packed. At this point, the production of AbleNook is uncertain, but you can stay updated on the project website

Ablenook Portable Dwelling

Ablenook Outdoor Setup

Ablenook Roof Solar Panel

Ablenook exterior design

Ablenook interior design

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