A Guide to Buy Texas Flag

When you are out to buy a Texas flag, there are several details that you need to check out before making the purchase. Firstly, you should check where to find Texas flags for sale. It could be a brick-and-mortar store or an online store; what are important, though, are the specifications.

About the Texas Flag

The ubiquitous Texas flag can be found almost anywhere in and around Texas, right from bumper stickers to painstakingly made tattoos, bathing suits, and Christmas tree ornaments – the list is endless.

Brief History

Sporting a red, white, and blue motif, the flag has a single star. The Texas flag is believed to be designed by Senator William H. Wharton during the early days of 1839 when the Texas Congress unanimously adopted it.

Did you know that the familiar name Lone Star State that Texas got was because of the flag’s unique design? The lone star symbolizes the united fight for independence against Mexico. Each colour of the flag holds a special meaning, while blue is for loyalty, red symbolizes bravery, and white indicates purity.

The Earlier Versions

The earlier version that appeared in 1835 was created by Sarah Dobson, who designed it herself. This flag was flown during the Convention of 1836, which met to declare independence from Mexico.Three other flags that vie for a place in the history of Texas. The 1836 national standard, the 1836 national flag for naval service, and the 1839 national flag, which finally went on to remain the national flag.


People often mistake the Chilean flag for the Texas flag because of striking similarities. Not many people remember the news report on the blunder that was committed by putting the Chilean flag on the absentee ballots in Atascosa County.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to buying a Texas Flag:

Prefer Locally Made Flags

Show how patriotic you are in your quest for finding Texas flags for sale by buying American-made flags, which will also support the country’s economy. Also, when you buy locally made products, you are assured of the highest quality.

The Fabric Options Available


Natural cotton is an all-time favourite as it is eco-friendly and makes a great option to display inside and outside. Please make sure the flag is made of 2-ply cotton weave, making it stronger and more durable. The colours need to be vibrant and shouldn’t bleed and fade even after long use. Check for double-needle seams, which add to the durability. Also, ensure that the star is machine embroidered, with grommets made of bright, shiny brass.


Polyester is probably the best choice from the durability point of view for flags. Even with a fabric like polyester, the durability is enhanced when the fabric is 2-ply, spun woven, which adds to the flag’s life. Polyester is a luxurious material that enhances the brightness of the colours and makes the flag fade-resistant.

When the flag features an open weave, it has better flying ability due to reduced wind resistance. Polyester Texas flags for sale are much sought after for high-wind areas. While checking out the flag, look out for a fly hem that is reinforced by at least four double-needle stitch rows that make the flag stronger. If it is a smaller flag (smaller than 8’ X 12’) you plan to buy, check if brass grommets are provided.


A nylon Texas flag is also high on buyers’ preference list as it has a distinct advantage over flags made from other materials. Nylon is a very light material, which makes it perfect for flying even in very shallow winds.

Nylon is also a material that enhances the brightness and vibrancy of the colours. It withstands the elements and dries quickly after a shower. A nylon Texas flag usually features a poly duck header, which helps withstand extreme weather.

Look for a nylon flag with solid brass grommets as these make the flag rust-resistant and extend its life by several years.

Sizes of Flags and Flagpoles

If it is for your residence, the flag’s size should be 3’X 5′ with 20′ tall flagpole. If taller flagpoles are used, the flags need to be proportionate in size.

• 25’ flagpole – 5’ X 8’ flag
• 30’ flagpole – 6’ X 10’ flag
• 40’ flagpole – 8’ X 12’ flag
• 60’ flagpole – 10’ X 19’ flag
• 70’ flagpole – 12’ X 18’ flag
• 90’ flagpole – 20’ X 38’ flag

Like any other flags, Texas flags are subject to wear and tear in the seams and edges. To have your flags last longer, look for reputed flag makers who use the best materials to make these flags. Try to promote eco-friendly materials and always go for locally made products to promote local industry.

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