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We all have a habit of getting home and removing everything from our pockets; wallets, phones, keys, concession tickets and the like. We also have those days where those items mysteriously seem to have vanished from where we last placed them and we’re turning couches over and crawling under tables to find that set of …

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Ridge Wallet | Secures Your Cards And Cash

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There’s no more need to carry a bulky and excessively-stuffed wallet. Ridge Wallet is minimalistic, very slim and can fit your cards as well as cash. Probably the most important feature besides the size is how tough it is. Ridge Wallet comes in three different options, depending on the material- aluminum, lightweight titanium, or carbon fiber. All three …

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The Code Wallet | The Mini Safe In Your Pocket

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We all know that feeling all too well when you lose your wallet or when you notice that cash had gone missing because you were inattentive. The drudgery of canceling all your cards and trying to reclaim your cash just doesn’t seem worth it. Considering that everything is code locked, why shouldn’t your wallet be? …

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STACT Wine Rack is a minimalistic and stylish solution for storing wine.  It is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and premium wood veneers. It is customizable and easy to assemble and it fits in any space or décor. You can build your own so it fits in your space. This beautiful and modern design was …

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You need not live in a tiny flat to experience a pressing need for extra storage space now and again. Humans are hoarders by nature and most people tend to hold onto semi-broken, unnecessary or downright unusable stuff for years on end. That’s the most common cause of all storage woes even for owners of …

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If you can do some stunning board tricks and you just love your skate gear, you will probably want to proudly display your wheels and deck at home as well. Still, unlike bike lovers, most skaters don’t have a whole lot of ready-made wall rack options so finding a convenient and suave stand for your …

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Human beings as we are, we need not be full-scale hoarders to run out of storage space – in our limited-size urban dwellings, it’s enough to have just one too many tool box, an extra dresser or a couple of overpopulated book shelves and you’re already scratching at walls for extra packing room. And if …

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Having problems storing your bike indoors? Does your bike mount take too much space and isn’t exactly a perfect fit? Cannot seem to avoid wall and floor damage when installing the rack? Meet Clug, the world’s smallest bike mount that lets you store your bike wherever and however you like it – and it’s a …

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Zeugwart Shoe and Coat Rack – Efficient Use of Storage Space

Designed by Alexander Schmied, Zeugwart Shoe and Coat Rack maximizes the use of your living space while not compromising on style. The rack can store up to 26 pairs of shoes, as well as a few jackets, handbags and several other clothing accessories. This ascending freestanding rack can be used in many different locations and …

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Best shipping container business ideas you should try

The main purpose of a shipping container is to serve as a container for cargo transportation. It is airtight and has a reliable locking system. This guarantees the safety of materials or goods during transportation. Standardized dimensions allow the installation of boxes on any vehicle. With flat roofs and heavy-duty welded construction, they can easily …

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