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Selk’bag | Star Wars Chewbacca Sleeping Bag

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We are all familiar with the Selk’bag. Essentially, it’s a sleeping bag that still allows you to be mobile. Pretty much, a sleeping bag onesie. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are unique, and a must-have camping accessory. Now, in wake of the recent Star Wars revival, we can finally have our …

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Columbia X Star Wars | Rogue One Jackets


With Star Wars: Rogue One being launched tomorrow in Belgium, it’s time to bring out the collaborations. Well, considering that it is also winter in the Northern Hemisphere, this collaboration is perfectly timed. Coming from legendary textile makers and Star Wars, we are very happy to introduce the Columbia X Star Wars: Rogue One Jacket …

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HJC Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets | Announcement for 2017

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All of us were pretty impressed with HJC’s collaboration with Marvel. Now they have brought us another collaboration; HJC x Lucasfilms. That collaboration has brought us helmet designs from the majorly successful Star Wars franchise. So, keep your eyes peeled for HJC Star Wars Helmets that will be released in early 2017. This collaboration was …

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Star Wars Battle Quad Drones | That Can Actually Battle Mid-Air

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Yes, we have all been waiting long enough! With the invention, enhancement and expansion of the droning world, it was only a matter of time that some great people would think to combine drones with Star Wars! The great minds that came up with this idea was toy maker Propel and they are introducing their …

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Star Wars Darth Vader Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier


Here’s a very cool thing for Star Wars fans. Darth Vader Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier dispenses a gentle soothing mist into your room and looks fantastic doing it. The 2-liter (1/2 gallon) water tank is located in the Darth Vader mask and it’s big enough to hold water all night. Besides the health benefits of using a humidifier, this …

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Sphero BB-8 | Smart Star Wars Droid


If you’ve already seen the new Star Wars movie then we’re sure that you have a new favorite droid – the adorable BB-8. Little, rolling ball with an awesome sense of humor from your favorite franchise can now be your sidekick that you can control via an app on your smartphone. For all the Star …

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IXXI Star Wars Mosaic Wall Art

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens was recently released, and all the fans went crazy about it. The love for the franchise was never bigger, and so this is a perfect time to launch something as cool as this wall art. Dutch design company IXXI created an entire collection of officially-licensed Star Wars Mosaic Wall Art. Each …

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Star Wars Planetary Drinking Glassware


This year, the Holiday season is coming early for Star Wars fans. The entire army of Star Wars fans is eager to see the continuation of the saga – The Force Awakens. Every child and adult should know about a galaxy far, far away and one of the ways to get familiar with it and …

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Star Wars X Nixon Boba Fett A-10 Backpack


We can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie to return, and the date is getting closer. While waiting, let’s check out this Nixon’s Star Wars inspired backpack. It’s inspired by Boba Fett, one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the entire galaxy. He’s mostly driven by personal gain and profit, and he took assignments …

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Keret House – World’s Narrowest Home Located in Warsaw

Many people like living or would like to live in a big house, whereas others prefer small spaces for living, but probably none of them would like the idea of living in the world’s narrowest house, even if they are not suffering from claustrophobia. At least until they see the project by Jakub Szczesny – …

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