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Forcite Alpine Smart Snow Sports Helmet has been dubbed as the ‘world’s first smart snow helmet’, Alpine has all it takes to turn your slope-hurtling sessions into a super-safe snow-borne escapade – and it also looks mighty trendy, comfortable and versatile all around, too. Featuring a front camera with a wide-angle 160-degree lens with image stabilization …

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When it comes to ski and snowboarding gear, we have you pretty much covered with the products we have been featuring in the last month or so – snow goggles, back protectors, snowboarding footwear, and even bearded ski masks. This time around we are showcasing a really cool, simple and elegant ski helmet produced by …

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The summer thrills and poolside fun are now far behind us and hot weekends of sun-speckled outdoor adventures are over for the year, but that’s no excuse to close the door to the world outside, go all couch-potato in front of the telly and grudge about the icy cold, knee-deep snow and grey days. With …

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The Giro Edit snow helmet is the lightest full-featured snow helmet that the company has ever produced. Its amazingly clean design provides stylish design, but never neglecting the features. Speaking of features, the first one we want to mention is the integrated GoPro compatible camera mount which is easy to use and has a very …

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Oakley Mod Helmet | Oakley’s First Snowboarding Helmets


So, with winter coming up very quickly, Oakley aptly released their first snowboarding helmets. Introducing the Oakley Mod 5 and Mod 3 Snow Helmets. Perfect for hitting the slopes, and modular, these helmets are what every snowboarder asked for. The Oakley Mod Helmets have been in design and testing for 3 years. It took that …

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Electrolite Snow Goggles | By Electric California


With winter well on its way, it’s time to get out all your winter gear. That includes, for all of you that just love winter sports, your snow gear. Well, if you’re into skiing and snowboarding, you should definitely take a look at Electric’s Electrolite Snow Goggles. Designed to be comfortable and super lightweight, while …

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LinkPro Sports ‘Explore1’ Skiing Helmet With Wireless Connectivity

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Skiing helmets are there to provide protection and LinkPro Sports ‘Explore1’ takes this function to a completely different level. Besides the safety features, it integrates full Bluetooth capability and FM helmet to helmet communication. This helmet can be used for other sports as well, like mountain biking and snowboarding. The primary function of this helmet …

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Droneboarding | Snowboarding With A Drone (VIDEO)

People love sports and are constantly thinking of new ways to have fun, improve their skills and put modern day technology to the test. Since many of us don’t have the chance to go water skiing, especially at this time of the year, people have invented drone boarding. It’s a form of snowboarding where the …

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Snow Goggles With Detachable Lens | By Zionor


The excitement of winter sports has finally arrived – but before you head for the mountains, you’re going to need the right equipment. And, what you’ll definitely need is snow goggles, and we have a cool suggestion for you: Snow Goggles with Detachable Lens. Read below what they’re about, you’ll see you’ll want them… Compatible …

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Forcite’s idea for the Alpine Smart Helmet for winter sports was born in 2012 when the company’s cofounders realized just how much additional gear people bring to the slopes. If you wanted to listen to some tunes, communicate with friends and capture footage of your awesome moves, you needed up to an extra kilo of …

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