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Selk’bag | Star Wars Chewbacca Sleeping Bag

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We are all familiar with the Selk’bag. Essentially, it’s a sleeping bag that still allows you to be mobile. Pretty much, a sleeping bag onesie. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are unique, and a must-have camping accessory. Now, in wake of the recent Star Wars revival, we can finally have our …

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Sierra Designs Backcountry Elite Sleeping Bag

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If you missed that awesome mountainous adventure that you had been planning because you didn’t have the proper apparel, then you better jump now before the first thaw sets in properly. If you need proper bedding, then the Astro Sleeping Pad is what you need combined with the Sierra Designs Backcountry Elite Sleeping Bag. Designed to …

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Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag


When you’re going hiking, camping or especially alpine climbing, the less gear you have to carry, the better. This is why it’s crucial for your equipment to be light and very portable. The Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag is by no means heavy. Actually, with 17.3 oz it weighs less than half when compared to other sleeping bags you …

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Naturehike Sleeping Bag | Human-Shaped Onesie Sleeping Bag


If you’re anything like us, you don’t like being compressed and this sleeping bag by Naturehike has the perfect solution for that. Starting off with the construction, this sleeping bag features a 320D nylon shell and a 240T polypongee lining that delivers excellent heat retention. This sleeping bag has been filled with cotton to ensure that …

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Cotopaxi Sueno Sleeping Bag


The Cotopaxi Sueno Sleeping Bag is created to make you warm and cosy on your camping and backpacking adventures. This 15-degree rated sleeping bag features 800-fill water-resistant duck down that’s responsibly sourced and traps the warmth. Cotopaxi Sueno Sleeping Bag is made from durable 20D nylon and has a DWR finish. Another feature that contributes to the ultimate …

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TETON Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag


Summer camping season is in full bloom and we always recommend you spend your days off enjoying the outdoors. Of course, that means you should gear up and we all know a good sleeping bag is a top priority. TETON Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag is rated for 0 degrees F and provides both comfort and the looks. The …

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This is a scenario that you have probably experienced quite a few times – you’ve planned an awesome camping with your friends and told yourself, “Why sleep in a tent when I can sleep under a billion stars in my sleeping bag?”. However, a wind picks up and you spend the entire night shivering your …

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Every frequent camper out there likes the idea of packing light when going on their camping trips, which is why we’re always on the lookout for high quality and compact camping gear. One such piece of gear is the G2 Bison Bag, a combination of a hammock and a sleeping bag. Since this combines the …

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There is nothing better than waking up to the pleasant sounds of nature and fresh air when you are out camping. Except for the occasional freezing cold which will make you want to go straight back to your tent and delay making breakfast for a bit. In order to avoid the unpleasantness which cold weather can …

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Whether you are one of those people who would dare to go camping in Finland, Iceland, or Alaska or you’d rather just experience winter atmosphere of your  own backyard or nearby forest Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is the best solution for cold nights (up to -30 degrees). Designers of this extraordinary sleeping bag have …

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