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Knog LED Bike Lights


Those of you who don’t enjoy winter cycling are probably glad that spring is here. Get that bike out, clean it and head out on the road. Of course, keeping yourself protected and safe is the goal, so making the bike visible by night is extremely important. There are plenty of bike lights available and …

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From Suck UK (yep, that’s what they’re called), a company which makes unique gifts, comes their best one yet, the LED Bottle Lights. If you happen to have a bunch of unused bottles for some reason these awesome little lamps will give the old bottles a new purpose by turning them into cool lamps. It …

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Having concerns about low visibility and road safety as you roam the streets on your bike after sundown? No need to worry any longer, with LED Bike Wheel Lights by MonkeyLectric fresh on the market. Consisting of a bright set of 10 full-color graphic LEDs, the MonkeyLectric wheel lights easily strap to the spokes of …

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The gaming room lights guide

In today’s gaming world, almost all major gaming companies have implemented some form of lighting into their controllers or headsets to help create a better gaming experience for gamers everywhere. Companies have learned that gaming lights are not only a good gaming tool, but they can also make some money. They have started to put …

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High Bay Lighting: Why These Lights Are So Famous?

Before looking into the benefits of high bay lights, it is essential to first understand what they are. Most people would say that these lights are used to provide accent lighting in the areas of a room where you need a certain level of illumination. But they can be used for so many other purposes, …

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Lighting EVER LED Closet Light

Today we’re talking about a LED Under Cabinet Light that can be used for a variety of purposes. It comes from Lighting EVER, a company dedicated to creating better lighting experiences. Before we continue discussing all the ways you can use it, let us focus first on the light itself. Each light is powered by 4pcs AAA batteries that …

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PanLights | Driftwood Sculptures And Lamps

Today we’re talking about PanLights, a series of lamps and sculptures dedicated to nature and its fairy beings. They are a creative product of a Slovenian artist Javor Skerlj Vogelnik who found his main inspiration by spending time in the forests, mountains, and lakes. The main philosophy behind PanLights is to connect with the basic elements …

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OxyLED | Automatic Motion-Sensing LED Light Bar


Each one of us can name at least one spot we’d wish had more light. Whether it’s your closet, garage, shelf or any other spot, OxyLED will take care of it. This motion sensing LED is so functional you can stick it pretty much anywhere. The first feature we’re mentioning is the light activation. Thanks to …

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