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Shaken Cocktail Set | By W&P Design


If you haven’t heard of W&P Design, they make all sorts of kits for food and booze lovers. We already covered some, like their brilliant hot sauce DIY kit and Carry On Cocktail Kit that is great for when you’re traveling. Now we have one more perfect for those of you who love experimenting with different recipes …

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W&P Design Carry-On Cocktail Kits


A while ago we wrote about this cool homemade hot sauce kit by W&P Design. Now, we’re glad to introduce more awesome kits from the same company. W&P Design Carry-On Cocktail Kits have everything you possibly need to make yourself one killer cocktail on the road. Because everyone knows cocktails in the plane aren’t so good, so …

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Homemade Hot Sauce Kit | By Chili Lab And W&P Design


The Chili Lab teamed up with W&P Design to create something cool for those who love spicy food. Their Homemade Hot Sauce Kit will make you roll your sleeves up and spend time doing something interesting you can eat after. Homemade Hot Sauce Kit will teach you how to make two different blends. The first one is the …

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