8 Useful Tips to Keep Your ATV Looking New

The moment you buy your ATV, the clock starts ticking. That’s because every time you take it for a spin on rough terrains, you are exposing this expensive machine to dirt and grime that can impact its performance dramatically.

And if there is one thing pro riders have learned over the years, it’s that ATVs don’t take kindly to being neglected. They need regular attention to keep performing well.

So here are some top tips to keep your ATV looking like new.

Wash Your ATV With Soap and Water

Since water is not always practical for cleaning off dirt, using soap and water on an ATV is often the best solution.

Here’s how to go about it:
1) Use a high-pressure nozzle to remove all the mud, dirt or sand that’s clinging to your ATV.
2) Fill two buckets with soap and water, one for washing and another for rinsing off the soap on your ATV. Make sure you don’t leave any suds on the ATV.
3) Dip a sponge in the bucket of soap and water and start scrubbing off all dirt on your ATV, paying special attention to any areas you may have missed with the high-pressure nozzle.
4) Use a nylon brush to deep clean tough spots such as grease or oil stains.
5) Use the second bucket of clean water to rinse off your ATV.
6) Dry it thoroughly with a paper towel before moving on to the next step.

You can also consider looking for ATV dealers Edmonton if you need a component replacement for your ATV.

Wax your ATV

Regular application of automotive or all-terrain vehicle wax on your ATV keeps the paint looking new and prevents dirt from sticking to it.

Before waxing, make sure to remove all traces of dusty wax with a clean microfiber cloth before applying new automotive or all-terrain vehicle wax.

Use a Cleaner for Headlights and Windshields

One easy solution for cleaning streaks, smudges and grime off your ATV’s headlight is to use a cleaner. It can be purchased at most automotive or hardware stores, and it does a fine job removing bugs, dirt and other grime from the front end of an ATV.

Clean Off Old Grease and Oil Stains

Before applying a fresh coat of ATV grease or oil, remove any traces of dirt, grease and grime from the surface by scrubbing it with a stiff-bristled brush and an old toothbrush dipped in solvent. Old-fashioned gasoline works just as well for this purpose.

Check Your ATV’s Tires and Suspension

Regularly checking the air pressure of your ATV’s tires can help prevent flat spots. Keeping your ATV’s shock absorbers and other suspension parts greased up prevents squeaks that could harm performance.

Keep cables Well Lubricated

Lubricating the cable ends and greasing the cable itself will help your ATV’s cables run smoothly, preventing them from sticking. This is especially important after long periods of disuse because dried dirt can stick to cables and harden them.

Clean Mud Stuck Inside Fenders

Mud tends to pile up in the fenders of an ATV, and it can cause rusting over time. Dirt also tends to accumulate on the bottom of the seat of an ATV, so make sure to clean out mud stuck inside mud flaps, fenders and under the seat.

Check for Loose Bolts or Screws

Always check your ATV for any loose bolts or screws that need tightening before riding. A loose part can cause problems while riding and harm performance.


The best way to keep your ATV looking new is to clean it regularly. Use soap and water, automotive or all-terrain vehicle wax and Plexiglas cleaner if you want your ATV to look as good as it did the day you bought it.

We hope these tips were helpful.

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