8 Tips to Save Time in the Morning

If the morning begins with nervous and hurried packing, coffee spilled in a hurry, and frantic attempts to gather everything you need and leave the house on time without forgetting to turn off the iron – at least the first half of the day is guaranteed to be ruined. To avoid such situations and turn your daily morning routine into a pleasant way to start a great day, use these tips.

Making a Plan for the Next Day

You can make a nice, handy planner or write things down in notes on your phone. In either case, in the morning you will know exactly what you have to do today and will be able to prioritize and distribute time. If planning becomes a habit, it will increase your productivity and help you never forget anything, and ticking off the completed tasks in the evening will give you a pleasant feeling that the day was well spent.

Putting Your Phone in a Hard-to-reach Place

Often the first thing you want to do after waking up is to scroll through social media or play a couple of rounds at an NZ online casino. However, putting your phone away will be a guarantee of waking up because to turn off an annoying alarm clock, you’ll have not just to press the button, but to get up and, for example, open the closet or reach for a high shelf. After that you will hardly want to go back to bed.

Preparing Your Clothes From the Evening

Looking for a suitable outfit in the morning takes a lot of time and nerves, especially if they are unsuccessful. This can have a negative impact on the whole day. Therefore, it’s worth thinking through the image in the evening, when there is no need to rush anywhere, and to select a few options for different weather. Don’t forget to prepare the clothes in advance: detected in the morning stain on the dress will spoil your mood and make you pick things up again.

Measuring Time in Songs

Make an energetic morning playlist that will help you navigate time. Each track should be associated with a new thing to do. For example, on the second song, shower, on 5-6, makeup, etc.

Packing All the Things You Need to Do in the Evening

Put all the necessary items (keys, umbrella, lipstick, etc.) in one place so that, when running out of the house, don’t forget about the wallet or glasses forgotten on the table. The same goes for gadgets: charge your phone in the evening so you don’t have to worry about the interest rate in the morning.

Saving Time on Your Hair

If you’re desperately short of time to wash your hair, use dry shampoo: it will give volume and reduce greasy hair.

Preparing Your Breakfast in Advance

To maximize your morning routine, prepare all the necessary ingredients in the evening. For example, you can put oatmeal in the multicooker and set a timed mode, then you will have a ready and healthy breakfast in the morning.

Setting the Alarm 10 Minutes Earlier

This way you don’t have to jump out of bed and start getting ready, and the extra minutes make for a nice slow and calm wake-up.

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