7 Great Accessories Casino-Goers Will Love

The casino has always been the archetypal high-class venue for leisure. One only has to think of James Bond sashaying up to the bar to ask for the classic Martini, shaken not stirred, before heading for the roulette or baccarat table.

Admittedly the traditional sector has taken a bit of a battering recently thanks to the increasing popularity of its online rival with more and more casinos appearing every year.

That said, there are still plenty of people who relish the opportunity to get suited and booted and head for their nearest bricks and mortar casino to try their luck.

A great deal of the appeal comes from being seen in a stylish venue – and if you can win too that’s always a bonus. And if you really want to make an impression then taking care of every detail is key.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of stylish and practical accessories that no serious casino goer can afford to be without.


It’s a famous truism that you’ll never find a clock of any kind in a casino. This, along with a total lack of windows on the outside world, is said to encourage players to lose track of time.

While this may or may not work, wearing a quality timepiece is an essential step to take. Not only will it help you know how long you’ve been playing, but it also makes a serious statement about you, the wearer. There are even some that incorporate a roulette wheel in the face. Now wouldn’t that be perfect?

Cufflinks and sleeve bands

Some people say that cufflinks are going out of fashion, but we very much hope that this isn’t the case. More than just a way of buttoning a cuff together, they also offer you a great way to make a style statement about yourself.

Like watches, there are even styles that reflect the casino environment. So look out for a pair that have dice on them or even gaming chips. And, when the action heats up and you need to slip off your jacket, a pair of expandable sleeve bands are another essential.

Your lucky charms

No matter what some people may tell you, enjoying success at the casino is mainly a matter of luck. The roulette ball is going to land where it wants to, and no-one can accurately predict what the next card will be.

But if you do believe in luck and superstition – and plenty of us do – then there’s no harm in taking your own lucky item with you. It might be a St. Christopher’s medal or the tiepin you were wearing when you had your last big win. So, carry or wear it with pride, and keep your fingers crossed.

Water bottle

While this might sound more like something to take to the gym, it can also come in very handy in the casino too. The atmosphere is likely to be fairly dry thanks to air-conditioning and you want to keep yourself hydrated.

Yes, there’s a bar to go to but you might not want to leave the table, especially if you’re on a winning streak.

Plus a lot of water bottles are stylish items in their own right so never feel ashamed to be seen out and about with yours.


Here’s an essential accessory for anyone planning to play a few hands of poker at the casino. It’s long been the habit of pros to pop on a pair of Ray-Bans when they get to the table.

After all, if the eyes are the window to the soul the last thing that you want is for your opponents to be able to peer into them. And, as everyone knows, a pair of shades immediately add an aura of mystery and cool to the wearer – as long as you’re not also bumping into the furniture.

An athleisure hoodie

It could be that you’re going for a far more casual look next time to head for the tables. So, another fashion accessory also loved by poker players could be perfect.

In the last couple of years hoodies have gone from being urban streetwear to fashionable items of clothing available in ever-more luxurious fabric. So, if you want to adopt a real look of street-influenced chic, here’s the solution.

A money clip.

Now this might seem like an obtuse suggestion in this age of contactless payment and online banking. But after a successful session at the tables maybe you’ll want to take your winnings in cash.

And, now that most of us don’t carry round bulky wallets with us then a classic money clip could be the answer.

So, there you have them, seven essentials for turning on the style at the casino. Now all you have to do is get down there.

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