Tools Gift Guide | 7 Gift Ideas For The Handyman

We’re continuing with helping you out for this year’s holiday season. Today, we’re focusing on all the handymen out there and 7 must have tools. Often, a person thinks of a tool just when there’s something that needs to be fixed. But what’s great is that once you get a high-quality tool either for yourself or as a gift, it’s gonna last almost for a lifetime. So, every time you need to get a job done, you’re covered. This is exactly what our goal is with this list. Check it out!

1 – Sven 15” Saw

Sven 15” Saw

Perfect both for camping trips and backyard jobs, Sven 15” Saw provides the ultimate performance. Thanks to its three-folding design, it’s super easy to carry and store it. Also, because the blade fits in the handle, you don’t have to worry about accidentally injuring yourself or damaging other tools. As for the construction, it uses a lightweight anodized aluminum frame and a Swedish steel blade.

BUY | $31.95

2 – Timahawk Survival Axe

Timahawk Survival Axe

Another super sharp blade that can be used for chopping, cutting and hammering is the Timahawk Survival Axe. It’s made out of hardened chromoly steel and tough G10 composite handles that are water and weather resistant. It features a crow bar, tomahawk and adze hammer and has two hand grip points. Since it can handle a variety of tasks, it truly is an all-in-one survival tool.

BUY | $179.98

3 – Griffin 11-in-1 Pocket Tool

Griffin 11-in-1 Pocket Tool

We can’t talk about tools and not mention an amazing multi-tool such as this one. You can fit it in your pocket or attach it to a keychain. Most importantly- it can be used for over 11 functions. At the same time, the Griffin Pocket Tool is a bottle opener, pocket clip, flathead screwdriver, scoring and pry tool, 1/4” bit driver and 5 different hex wrenches. The stainless steel construction makes sure it’s almost indestructible.

BUY | $35

4 – Fiskars IsoCore Hammer

Fiskars IsoCore Hammer

Useful for different jobs around the house. It’s rugged, well balanced and designed to reduce vibration while hammering. Fiskars IsoCore Hammers feature a dual-layer handle, insulating sleeve and a slip-reducing flare. Thanks to the extended grip, your hand is secure and comfortable so you can swing with maximum force. Also, it will reduce blisters. A nice and practical detail is the magnetic channel on top of the head where you can place the nail.

BUY | $24.99+

5 – Gerber Gator Machete

Gerber Gator Machete

Whether you’re outdoors and finding your way through the forest or using it in your backyard, the Gerber Gator Machete is a strong, durable blade to have. It has a dual function- on the one side it features a 15-inch fine edge blade and on the other, 18-inch high saw blade. This machete uses a black oxide coated steel for the blade and has a rubber covered handle. You also get a black riveted, nylon sheath for protection and easy carriage.

BUY | $24

6 – Smittybilt Foldable Shovel

Smittybilt Foldable Shovel

Another dual function tool is the Smittybilt Foldable Shovel. Since it has two serrated edges, it can be used both for digging and cutting. This is a perfect example of a military inspired Recovery Utility Tool (RUT) since it’s both functional and compact (you can fold it once you’re done using it). Also important are the materials- this shovel uses carbon steel and a fiber reinforced nylon handle.

BUY | $16.99

7 – Dewalt Drill And Driver Kit

Dewalt Drill And Driver Kit

The last item on the list has over 3 thousand reviews on Amazon and almost five stars. We’re talking about the Dewalt Drill And Driver Kit. This must-have tool comes with a powerful high-performance motor at an affordable price. The cordless drill-driver has two speeds and a maximum power of 380 unit watts out. Weighing 5.2 pounds, it’s lightweight and comes with a double-ended screwdriver bit and kit box.

BUY | $89+

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