6 Of The World’s Toughest Jobs

They say that if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. While this might be true, it sure isn’t easy for many people to find a job they truly love. Many of us sit at our desks behind a computer screen, clock-watching as we wish for Friday to come. While we might not hate our jobs, many of us don’t truly love our jobs either. We’re comfortable, we’re content.

There are however, some people who really do have the world’s toughest and roughest jobs. We look into some of the world’s most challenging jobs:

1 – Coal Miners

coal mining

Coal mining is one dirty job, and it’s also one of the most dangerous in the world. Underground mines are freezing, noisy, dark, and damp. Breathing in coal dust can lead to a lung disorder called “black lung,” and on top of all that, accidents can occur, where miners are subject to explosions or getting trapped underground.

2 – Professional Poo Diver

It’s gross for most people, but poop divers call is “brown gold.” The sewage system often needs chemicals to break it all down for recycling. Before recycling can take place, these chemicals have to assist and many times poo divers are called in to assist the mechanisms and structures to ensure that this is done properly.


It’s not hard to understand why the President of the United States has one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Aside from a constitution’s mandate, the President is responsible for making cautious decisions about war, peace, politics, and the fate of not just the United States, the entire world. Not to mention being a leader for thousands of people. That kind of pressure can make anyone feel the heat.

4 – Sky Scraper Window Cleaner

Sky Scraper Window Cleaners

Imagine dangling from 200 feet with just a harness and some rope… No vertigo required. Cleaning windows of famous glass buildings is an incredible feat of bravery that requires patience, a steady hand and a fresh change of underwear.

5 – Truck Drivers

Huge retailers often demand fresh produce on their shelves, and the fastest, coldest way to get it there is with professional truck drivers. Long hauls on the open road may seem exciting and even peaceful, but truck drivers don’t have it easy – they are constantly faced with tough terrains, ice roads (called black ice) and sometimes go over 24 hours without a stop or sleep. This type of living can take its toll on a person.

6 – Moms

With no sleep, no relaxing time, and a constant stream of worry, it can be argued that Moms have the toughest jobs in the world – although they might say it’s the best one of all. Raising a human being is the single most important task set out on this planet. So the next time you see your mom, remember to thank her for accepting the job that never ends.

So the next time you’re fed up at work, wishing you could be anywhere else but here, you might reassess your position. Think you have the hardest job? You might want to think again.

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