6 Websites That Will Provide Automated Solutions for Your Education

Gadgets surround modern students. It’s a part of their lives. They shouldn’t read back and forward the whole Spanish into English vocabulary to translate the home assignments anymore. Now, you can solve it in five seconds with the help of Google Translate. That’s why for modern students, it’s not a big deal to imagine complete automation in education.

It won’t be a surprise if we could just say “Hey, Siri, do my homework” in ten years. For better or for worse, nowadays, you still don’t have such a helper. However, there are already some websites that can easily substitute tutors, educational materials, or even libraries. These automated solutions for students make their lives a lot easier and the studies much funnier.

With such possibilities, you can now focus on what matters to you and let the website’s services free up some time for you to rest. To help you tap the digital revolution potential, we prepared six websites to improve your educational process.


One of the most complex parts of a college education is the constant need to write papers. Almost every class requires the final essay, even though not every student likes to write or at least can do it. It’s an obligation, so you have to submit the work even if you aren’t a natural Hemingway.

That’s why the first website to mention is PaperWriter. It’s online papers writers study help for college students. It has never been that easy to submit your paper.


Grammarly is another automated solution every student should use to simplify their lives. It is an efficient, easy-to-use application that is based on AI technologies. This online application allows you to correct your English grammar, spelling, and even lexical mistakes directly in your mailbox or online documents.

The website has a free browser extension and an app for the keyboard on your phone. With the Grammarly tools, you can improve your writing using any gadget of yours.

All of this is available with the free version of the app. Grammarly detects almost every typo and redundant comma. The team of the best computational linguists constantly works on application improvement. That’s why customers receive up-to-date suggestions and information on new app features.


Learn the language at your tempo.
A famous Czech proverb claims: “Learn a new language and get a new soul.” We don’t know if every student needs an extra soul, but good marks for foreign language courses would be a plus.

Learning a new language could be a challenge. Many students need additional motivation to learn new words. That’s why some linguists cooperate now with IT developers and create online platforms to learn the language via games.

Lingvist.com is available as a website and a mobile application. It allows you to learn languages faster. In 2019, Lingvist was even awarded as the Best Language Learning App or Tool. It’s an automated program based on big data and AI technologies. It doesn’t matter what your foreign language level is. The application will customize courses for you, depending on your results.


Higher education in science is more accessible than you thought.
Knewton is another company that uses an adaptive learning approach. This application was designed for higher education students to improve their knowledge in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The company’s main idea is to determine your level and customize the learning process to improve it and fill out the gaps.

Knewton’s personalizing the learning idea allows everyone to study using this application. The mission of the company is to put achievement within reach. It means the services of the website are affordable and accessible. They hope it can impact the general learning process in the future.


With Edx.org, you can get access to hundreds of courses for free. Among the member universities, you can find Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston University. To take their courses, you should just login and start to learn. The only thing that can stop you is your reluctance.

Online education is a key to upskill yourself, expand your knowledge, or even get a degree. Here, you can add different features to your study course, such as video lectures, interactive tests, and visualization. The skills you’ll get are practical. You can immediately use them in your everyday life or apply them at work.

My Study Life

Everything you need to organize your work is in one place with this website.

Do you still use a paper planner to keep your schedules and assignments? It’s too old-fashioned for this century. Fortunately, you can find different versions of online applications to track your tasks and organize your schedule. One of them is My Study Life.

This application is available for all of your devices. It supports a variety of timetables, schedules, and to-do lists. You can pick the most suitable for you. My Study Life notifies you about tasks you left undone or when you have your next exam, paper deadline, etc. The program syncs tour data across your devices. You can use it even in offline mode.

In Summary

Times are changing. We don’t learn the way our parents used to. Every part of our lives becomes more automated, and education is not an exception.

EdTech, as a field of IT technologies, is getting more and more popular. It allows being flexible, to study from any part of the world anytime you want. Data science helps educators to provide modern services, something you do not need in theory.

The mentioned websites will help you to use new education solutions. They are the future. Now, you don’t need a pile of books and notes to achieve excellent results in college. Sometimes, all you need is a mobile phone and internet access.

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