6 Life-Changing Tips for Students from Elon Musk

Elon Musk has become an outstanding person for his great life achievements. After completing a double major in Business and Physics, he started a company Zip2 in collaboration with his brother Kimball, which he later sold for $307 million. Can you imagine that he was only 27 years old?! Musk also co-founded PayPal after merging his startup X.com and a competition company called Confinity. Even though he served as a CEO for a short time, he kept investing in PayPal even after having been fired. Now experts say that his contributions played a vital role in selling the company to eBay two years later.

Another major achievement of Elon Musk is the foundation of SpaceX in 2002, where he diverted his interests to space exploration. His initial goal was to make space travel more accessible so by 2006 the company signed a contract with NASA. Together with launching SpaceX, Musk set up a private foundation in support of renewable energy and human space exploration research and advocacy as well as science and engineering education. His donations of almost $300 million were made to focus on disaster relief, AI technology, and sustainable innovations. Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it?

Some other amazing accomplishments of Elon Musk

In 2004, Elon Musk joined Tesla’s board of directors and was promoted to CEO in just 3 years. Thanks to his extraordinary vision of ways to build electric cars and make the world more sustainable, Musk also became the lead product architect of the company. As he keeps revolutionizing the industry, many students find inspiration for an essay on career goals in his incredible biography. Currently, Tesla is working towards ambitious objectives that can shift people’s perception of electric cars. We can see that now it’s one of the top automotive sellers in the world that regularly takes innovative steps.

A lot of people are wondering what’s the secret of Elon Musk and how he manages to reach such great results. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what makes this person so special. Below you can find some of his tips that can dramatically change your life.

Develop communication skills

Communication is an integral part of anybody’s life, so you must be really good at it. Elon Musk says that it’s a core competency for being successful. He believes that people can get better outcomes if they know how to convert complex concepts into the easy and understandable language using their authentic voice. Hence, one should be always clear, concise, and direct while talking with others in person or via email. Remember that every word counts, so avoid saying “I’m not sure”, “perhaps”, or “I feel that”. Don’t waste your time and stop creating confusion and misunderstandings.

Batch your tasks

Musk doesn’t avoid multitasking, instead, he does it strategically. As you might know, multiple studies have demonstrated that multitasking is generally less efficient than doing one thing at a time. Scientists say that the brain needs to switch between different tasks, which makes a person feel tired and contributes to a productivity drop. However, if you batch tasks that require a similar mindset, you can work on them quite efficiently without losing workflow. And that’s exactly what Elon Musk does. He combines several tasks together when possible and keeps his brain focused on one type of task at a time. For example, Musk processes all emails, Slack messages, and phone calls at once. To apply this approach, you can write down your general activities for the day and see which of them can be batched together.

Check essay examples to broaden your knowledge

Elon’s brother said that Musk read 2 books a day from an early age, which led to a deep understanding of different sciences, such as math, IT, physics, and engineering. Elon Musk views knowledge as a kind of semantic tree, so one must get acquainted with fundamentals (big branches) before getting into details (leaves). If you read some Elon Musk examples and topics at Samplius, you’ll find out that he constantly tries to learn from the people around him. Because of this, he has gained much knowledge in many disciplines and topics. This allows Elon to find innovative solutions, be creative, and effectively collaborate with experts from different fields.

Use scheduling

Running a few companies requires great time optimization. To stay ultra-productive, Musk recommends sticking a very detailed and specific daily schedule. So instead of following a to-do list, it would be better to use a calendar that gives a sense of time and helps to determine how fast you need to complete a particular task. It’s a proven fact that if you break your day into small chunks and schedule them, you can boost your productivity. It’s not necessary to use 5-minute chunks as Elon Musk does, 30-minute slots can be much helpful for you. Just find the time that works for your activity type and make sure you schedule everything.

Set aspiring goals

Musk always sets incredibly ambitious goals for his projects as he believes that if one establishes that something is possible, then probability will occur. He advises everyone to make goals so outrageous and impossible to achieve that you can celebrate even the small accomplishments since you didn’t expect anything at all. Big goals help to push yourself outside your comfort zone and grow. They say growth comes from failing while trying to make progress so don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes. All you need is just to start gradually adjust as you go.

Transform your mindset

They say Musk is never satisfied with where he is because he always sees where he can move next. He knows that there is always room for improvement and growth. This kind of mindset must be developed to achieve more as this is exactly what separates successful people from everyone else. According to Musk’s words, if you are not failing, this means that you are not innovating enough. Such an approach is called a growth mindset because it helps to learn from mistakes and bring progress. Tackling challenging problems is one of the best ways to train yourself to look at failures and struggles as opportunities for getting closer to the solution.

Final thoughts

Elon Musk is highly respected all over the world for the impact he makes on humanity. He does things that seem to be impossible for most of us and proves that our planet can be a better place. Hence, many people want to learn from him to live the best version of their lives. Hopefully, the tips offered above can help you change your attitudes and bring more success.

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Michael Turner is a writer and researcher in the field of Physics and AI. He works for an online journal and publishes his studies for a broad audience interested in science. Michael also enjoys working with college students and delivering lectures for them.



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