6 Key Things to Bring With You on a Day Hike

Spring is right around the corner, and after spending way more time on the couch than usual in recent months, you are more than ready to get up, go outside and enjoy some much-needed exercise.

While you are great at long walks or bike rides around the neighborhood, you are eager to give a new form of exercise a try. Your cousin raves about hiking, so after looking up a number of day hikes around your local area, you are chomping at the bit to commune with Mother Nature while burning calories.

In order to make sure that you are as comfortable and safe as possible during your day hike, consider taking the following six items with you.

Decent Hiking Boots

Even if you plan on going on a beaten path, so to speak, do your feet a favor and invest in a high-quality pair of hiking boots that are both rugged and comfortable. For instance, Timberland shoes are durable and cushiony, and they offer a variety of styles that are also waterproof, which is ideal if a sudden rainstorm occurs during your hike.

A Fanny Pack or Neck Wallet

You will need something to hold your car keys, ID, credit cards, smartphone, map and other small items on your hike. Rather than trying to stuff all of these things in your pockets, spring for a neck wallet or fanny pack that will allow you to hold these valuables close to your person.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

When it’s time to take a break from hiking, admire the view and have a snack, you will need an easy way to clean your hands. The Eucalyptus Tea Hand Sanitizer Spray from Bath & Body Works not only smells terrific and is really easy to use, it contains 72 percent alcohol that will knock off 99.9 percent of common germs.

A Portable Charger

Your smartphone can assist you in a number of ways on your hike, from helping with navigation and playing music to allowing you to capture all sorts of videos and pictures. To ensure that it stays powered up for the whole day, bring along a small portable charger. The Tripp Lite Mobile Power Bank is an affordable option that tucks neatly into your fanny pack or pocket, and offers a number of built-in safety features that provide protection against overcharging and short circuits.

Plenty of Snacks and Water

People who are new to hiking sometimes feel they can get through their trek without stopping to eat. While this may be the case for you, it is still a wise idea to bring along plenty of protein-rich and easy-to-eat snacks, as well as a lot of water. The last thing you want is to be hit with a case of the light-headed “hangries” when you are still a mile from your car. Nut-filled granola bars, dried fruit, beef jerky, whole-grain crackers and string cheese are all great and tasty choices.

Colorful Bandana

A bandana can have many uses during a hike, ranging from a headband and napkin to a face mask if the trail is getting kind of crowded. You can dip it into a stream, wring it out and wrap it around your neck to keep cool, and it can easily be tied on your fanny pack or neck wallet for easy access.

Enjoy Your New Hobby

Hiking is like many other activities: if you have the right gear, the entire experience is especially enjoyable. By taking the time to purchase a variety of needed items, you will enjoy your time with Mother Nature even more than you thought possible.

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