Hammocks are innovative solutions for comfortable camping. They make the effort to find a good campsite very easy. They are light, so you don’t have to struggle carrying a heavy tent. Roots, rocks and bugs are no longer a problem with hammock tents, as well as sleeping on the hard, muddy and wet ground. Hammocks are designed to stay clean and dry fast and they are easy to set and pack. You can also store a lot of camping necessities inside them.

Here are the 6 hammock tents you should consider when going on your next trip:

1. Lawson Blue Ridge Tent

Lawson Blue Ridge Tent

This hammock tent uses very short spread bars which makes the tent poles spread the fabric, and this gives it a lot of interior space

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is made of the finest materials: a nylon pack cloth bed, rip-stop nylon rainfly and no-see-um netting. This tent weighs around 4.25 lbs which make it easy to carry. When the weather is bad Blue Ridge is a great option since it has waterproof nylon border that protects against water blowing up under tarp.

What makes this hammock different than the others is in the spread bars. They are short, so what really spread the fabric are the tent poles, not the bars. Also, thanks to the tent poles, this hammock has a roomy interior. One of the best features is definitely the rainfly. It covers the entire hammock and extends past the ends keeping all the rain out. The no-see-um netting is great against bugs and perfect for stargazing.

Lawson Blue Ridge is perfect for campers on the move because it is fast to set and even faster to break down. It can act as a tent and a hammock, and that can be very useful when relocating often or not being able to find the best spot. So when you can’t find a pair of trees to hang it from just lay it on the ground and use it as a regular tent.

BUY | $169.99

2. Clark Jungle Hammock – Clark NX-270

Clark Jungle Hammock – Clark NX-270

Clark NX-270’s WeatherShield zips enable it to transform from a hammock into an enclosed tent

The upgrade to the best-selling NX-250 has definitely raised the general idea of quality hammock tents. If features the company’s largest bed size and even more flexible poles that add up to the entire ‘spacious’ feeling and a much easier set-up. It is built for all types of versatility and is able to take on seriously cold weather.

There are two useful cold-weather features we should mention straight up: First, the NX-270 is equipped with the breathable WeatherShield zips which enable it to transform from a hammock with a cover into an enclosed tent. This provides warmth, protects you from the wind more efficiently and offers additional protection from rain and snow. Second, there’s a delicate insulating pocket system that can keep you warmer in colder climates – completely removing the need for insulating pads when camping above 32 degrees F.

The fly is included of course, and it’s a silicon-nylon Rain Fly XL. It sounds fancy and it performs fancy as well, completely protecting you from nearly any form of precipitation.

The insulating pockets also act as additional storage for your gear – there are six pockets underneath the hammock and two more inside, for those handy things you might need to find in a rush. And last but not least, the ropes have sustained a 1710 lb. test, which is pretty darn impressive.

BUY | $479

3. Ticket To The Moon – HAMMOCK TARP

Ticket To The Moon – HAMMOCK TARP

This hammock tent masures 11’ 6’’ x 11’ 6’’ diagonally which allows it to be a viable option for any camping or other trip

TTTM credit themselves as the ‘true’ inventors and manufacturers of the hammock tent and that has to mean something. Even though we can’t be sure whether this is true, that could prove that they at least deal in high-quality merchandise.

A bit simpler version than the Clark NX-270, but still effective and slightly easier to set up and carry around. It is made entirely out of polyester-treated ripstop nylon, and it offers reliable weather protection. The ergonomic drip lines, with their impressive 12m² size, will ensure that both you and your hammock stay dry.

Its dimensions are 11’ 6’’ x 11’ 6’’ diagonally, which is more than enough for pretty much any situation. It comes in green color and weighs a ridiculous 1.49lbs which ensures that transporting it won’t be an issue at all.

The guylines and stakes are included in the package, as well as 8 tie-out points and a 10-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The ridge line loop’s carrying capacity is slightly over 11lbs and this is all-around a phenomenal choice if you’re looking to try out your very first hammock tent setup, you don’t want to overpay, but you want to make sure it won’t collapse after two uses.

BUY | $70

4. Warbonnet Outdoors – Ridgerunner Hammock

Warbonnet Outdoors - Ridgerunner Hammock

Apart from using this hammock as a full-featured, Bridge-style one, you can use it on the ground as a bug bivy

The Ridgerunner (RR) is a full-featured, Bridge-style hammock. What’s interesting about this model is that just like its predecessor, the Blackbird, the RR can be used on the ground as a bug bivy as well (just make sure not to forget the groundcloth, that fabric isn’t indestructible).

It is made from breathable and highly water-resistant fabric and can fit a user of up to 6’6’’. You can unzip the net on three separate sides, which ends at a storage at the foot-end of the hammock. Speaking of storing, it surely won’t be a problem with the RR, seeing as it has two general purpose storage pockets on each side which are called “saddlebags.”

As mentioned, they hang on the outside of the hammock but are accessible from the inside (no need to unzip the netting every single time you need something, woo-hoo!). Also, they are fully functional while the netting is packed away.

The RR is available in both single and double layer bodies, if you’re one for pads or pack a few extra pounds. It also comes with your personal choice of suspension – you can opt either for adjustable webbing suspension or “whoopies with tree straps”. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to give hammock tents a shot, and it comes at a reasonable price to it as well.

BUY | $190

5. Tentsile – Stingray Tree Tent

Tentsile – Stingray Tree Tent

The Stingray Tree Tent is the most unique choice in terms of hammock tents, as it acts more like a portable treehouse that an hammock tent

Even though we’ve been covering hammocks with rainflies so far, Tentsile has excelled in originality when we talk about their Stingray Tree Tent series. This is literally a hammock tent, because it even looks like a tent, and behaves somewhat like a hammock.

It’s a three-person ‘tree tent’, or in their words a “portable treehouse” that provides a unique and comfortable outdoor experience in elevation. Its spacious hammock interior is covered with an insect mesh which is very resistant to all forms of ripping. It is suspended between three trees or other large, upwards pointed objects like columns or even boulders.

It’s accessed through a floor hatch or through the large front door. The rainfly, apart from being phenomenal, can be pushed outwards to the ground, thus creating 160sqf of covered porch area. You can fold the flysheet flaps under the tent and hook them to the central hatch to create a second wind break and a thermal buffer of air.

It’s not as tolerant towards heavier loads as some other models (the maximum load shouldn’t exceed 880lbs), but it’s set up easily in a short time and transported and carried around without any problem.

The Stingray Tree Tent is comfortable, unique, innovative, and incredibly cool altogether. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. But if you’re a devoted camper with a budget who’s looking to try something new, look no more – this is what you need.

BUY | $650

6. Hennessy Hammock – Safari Deluxe Asym Classic

Hennessy Hammock - Safari Deluxe Asym Classic

The Safari Deluxe is geared towards any and all who like very large hammocks, as this is Hennessy’s deepest, widest and most comfortable one yet

This is quite possibly one of the best hammock tents in the scene of hammock tent manufacturers. The Safari Deluxe was developed for people who enjoy really, really big hammocks. This is Hennessy’s deepest, widest and most comfortable hammock, well-suited for larger people or even for a couple whose weight (combined) doesn’t go over 350lbs.

It’s 7’ tall, its dimensions are 112’’ x 52’’ although it’s a bit heavier than the rest when packed, weighing about 3 lbs 14 oz when packed. It is forest green and it features a top-notch 210D Oxford Nylon and two 10’ long polyester covered ropes tested on 2700 lb.

One awesome feature the Safari Deluxe hammock offers is mixing and matching various parts for specific needs. There are situations where you would gladly opt for a small price increase to get exactly what you want instead of buying more than you need. Need longer webbing straps? Pick your size. Need a bigger rainfly? Go for it! The world isn’t linear (and we are grateful for that), so a lot of places require adaptation to the situation.

Insulation is the key, of course, so the Safari Deluxe offers two choices with different temperature ranges. They both have wider insulation pads than usual, which are much more likely to protect your arms and shoulders better.

BUY | $224

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