6 Career Option if You Want to Help Others

Finding a job your passionate about is key if you want to start a successful, happy career. There are countless career paths you can choose from, but if you’re an individual who wants to make their life’s purpose of helping others, there are some jobs that will allow you to do this more than others. Every job role helps out in some way or another, but not all of them are directly contributing positively to the local community or wider society. Below are six examples of the types of career paths you could follow if you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.


Sometimes it’s better to talk through your issues and discover what makes you tick, and how to deal with these things in a constructive, healthy way. Therapists can help individuals overcome their demons and move forward to happier, healthier lives. There are many different types of therapy you could explore as a career choice, from being a counselor that helps people tackle addiction and substance abuse, to seeing patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, to helping couples work out the issues in their relationship and to reconnect with one another. It’s a very rewarding career that can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Charity Worker

Going to work for a charity organization is another great career that will allow you to contribute to society positively. Find one that works on a cause that you’re passionate about and find out how you can get involved. You may have to start working on a volunteer basis, to begin with, but this is a good way to get your foot in the door and to meet the right people to move on to a paid position when one becomes available. You could help to organize fundraisers, manage volunteers overseas or at home, or even work on marketing campaigns and PR.


Nursing is another incredibly rewarding career where you will be helping people every day. As a nurse, you will have great job security, plenty of career progression opportunities, as well as a good salary. It’s a very common choice of career for individuals who want to do something helpful as a career, as are many other healthcare roles. You will need to study to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing to be able to become a registered nurse and obtain your license. If you want to move into advanced nursing or a specialist role later in your career, you will have to gain further qualifications. It is a career of great importance, similar to physician careers.


Teaching is another noble and respected profession that a lot of people are interested in pursuing. It’s a challenging job but educating both children and adults is very important and can help to contribute to the progression of society. You can choose from teaching kids at elementary school, high school, or take on more mature students at a college. You can even take your teaching degree and find employment at alternative education centers, or become a private tutor. Passing on your knowledge and encouraging people to develop new ideas and improve their world view is an incredibly rewarding job and has a very positive impact on society.

Social Worker

Social work can be tough but helping to protect vulnerable children and helping families that are going through difficult times is an amazing thing to do. You will need to be thick-skinned in this role, as well as having patience and compassion. You can work with groups and organizations to help out with local community programs and initiatives, or you can choose to become a clinical social worker and work more closely with individuals and family groups to help them develop strategies to cope with their issues more effectively. There are other roles within social work that you can explore if this sounds like a career path that would be suited to you.


If you think you could stomach looking inside people’s mouths all day, this could be a great job for you. Dentists help people to maintain good oral hygiene and are there if you need antibiotics to treat tooth infections, perform dental surgery, as well as offering cosmetic services if you want to make your smile shine even more. They’re a very important part of the healthcare sector, and they also make great salaries, too!

There are many other career paths you can take that will help to contribute to society and be very rewarding, but these are just six great examples. Use them as a starting point if you’re trying to decide on the right career for you.

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