55 Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Probably Have Never Seen

There are those photos sometimes that make you say “Wow” when you see them – whether it’s because they show a person doing something incredible, or because at first you didn’t even realize what was happening in it. Today, we’re bringing you 55 photos that were timed perfectly – they’re going to make you laugh, get the chills or just be freaked out. Enjoy!

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Man petting a shark

Oh cute little shark, you so sweet!

Girl scared of a dolphin

While a dolphin, on the other hand…

A dog scared of a mouse

Dayyyymn, don’t scare me like that!

Two turtles high-fiving

High five, dude!

A fish next to a diver

‘Ello, I’m Nemo, what’s your name?

Two hippos laughing

Wow, George, that’s the funniest joke I’ve heard in years!

A squirrel photobombing a couple

Photo time!

A bee just stang a man

This just gives you the chills all around…

A fish in front of a man

The new superhero: Fish-man.

A dog prepared to catch dog food

Ready… Set…

A dog jumping into bubble

You go, dog!

A bird flying with airplanes

Let’s go, fellas!

A tiger shaking water off

Do you dare tell me that lion is the king?

Obama holding the sun

I see… that America’s going to be the most awesome country ever!

Snowboarder stepping on the Moon.

You sir are going to need great snowboarding boots to do that.

A guy playing soccer with the sun


Thunder struck the Statue of Liberty

I have the power!

The sign of Olympics and moon

I wanna be a part of the Olympics too!

Motorcyclist catching the moon

I believe I can touch the sky…

Moon from a cave

What are you looking at?

A drop of water on spider's head

Do ya like my crown?

A crane holding the moon

Just move it a bit to the left… Yes, that’s perfect!

A guy playing basketball with moon

Let’s play some ball!

A cyclist falling from his bike in air

This couldn’t have ended well…

A guy falling from a water scooter into water

Same goes for this one.

A water scater on the waves

Just… Wow!

A basketball player picking other basketball player's nose

Absolutely disgusting!

A man moving cars

Ok, you go here, you go here, you go here…

A cyclist falling of a bike


A soccer player pulling another soccer player's shirt

Where d’you think you’re going?

Two sportsmen in weird positions

How the…?

Two motorcyclists in the air


An ice skater bumping into a wall

Duuuude, that looks painful!

Boxers fighting

Ouch, that hurt!

Soccer player hitting another one in the face

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Many soldiers, one yawning


A tank opening fire

Now this is experienced photography!

A fisherman catching fish

As well as this one.

Golf ball flying into camera

The last photo this camera ever took…

A cyclist bumping into lamppost

I don’t get it. Oooh!

A guy next to a pool where woman is about to fall

In the next photo, this guy is completely wet.

A man with bullhorns.

The picture says it all.

An airplane between monument's hands

I’ll catch you this time!

Baby falling into father's hands and a stork flying above

Look what the stork brought!

A weird position of ice skating couple

Hello there!

Starbucks truck.

Do you agree?

An owl crashing a wedding

Do you, Jane, take this owl to be your lawfully wedded husband?

A bride riding a horse and a groom

And do you, John, take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife?

A plane flying next to a monument's hand

I don’t think so, dear.

Baby sleeping on mother's stomach optical illusion

The cutest baby feet ever!

A guy hitting a fat guy in the stomach

Looks like music comes out of it.

A man falling into water after being pushed by three friends

We all know how this is going to end.

A boy puncturing a bubble balloon


A guy holding girl in a hand optical illusion


A ship sinking with captain

The captain going down with the ship?





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