5 Ways to Gain Popularity on Instagram Really Fast

With the Instagram community growing on a daily basis, and the number of users per month crossing the one billion mark, as per parent company Facebook’s estimates, Instagram has emerged as one of the largest and fastest-growing platforms for social networking. With Instagram influencing every aspect of life, its 500 million daily users are easily influenced by the trends that are started on this online medium.

While Instagram in itself does not promote itself as anything more than a photo-sharing platform, its expansion to stories and reels as well as IGTV videos have made it nothing short of a way of life, and a way we now perceive life. Instagram has become the forum to set fashion trends thus influencing the way those businesses function. It has also emerged as the avenue for any lifestyle product to promote its goods or services.

Gaining an organic following on Instagram might be hard, and while buying Instagram followers is always an option for you, it may not be most viable in order for you to reach out to a vaster actual demographic. In order to gain real likes on posts as well as engage better with your followers, you should follow these five tips that we have curated for you.

Make your Instagram account easy to understand

When your account is easier to understand and look at, you are more likely to gain a follower as they understand what the account is focused on and is about. Thus the individual easily perceives the content and what the motivation of the page is and they can quickly make a decision about whether they are interested in this page or not. If yes, then they will follow the page. In order for them to make this calculated decision in a more hurried fashion, it is recommended that you place the most important information about your page in your bio.

This is what the individual will first read. A good bio will lead them to quickly make the choice of going through your content or not. Having specific words in your bio to lead your audience in a certain direction of thought will be a smart choice. Having questionable statements or ambiguous sentences will require too much effort to understand what the page is about.

Focus on the way your content is presented

While posting good content to gain Instagram followers is a given, you will need to market this content in a manner that rouses interest. Instagram provides you with several features to do the same.

Using the Instagram captions on your posts to ask questions, that your followers would want to answer, or asking them to tag a friend or a group of friends, or a significant other on a post would bring more traffic to your page. Using this method, your existing followers will tag new people, who do not follow you and who will thus get a notification about your post and bring them to the page. This method helps gain real Instagram likes & followers.

Use the right hashtags

You should focus on using the appropriate hashtags for your page. While using generic hashtags may seem like the most viable option and the easiest to execute, these hashtags might be too populated and hence your posts will be lost in the bevy of posts to follow and the existing ones. Hence, choose appropriate hashtags that do not have too many posts that are associated with them.

Using hashtags that have too few posts tagged with it, may also be a problem, and hence try to strike a balance between both and pick hashtags that are in the thousands instead of the millions or hundred. Using hashtags, you will be able to gain new followers to your page.

Keep your page interesting

While it may be easy to relax and not keep making an effort at gaining the interest of your audience on Instagram, you must remember that as a platform, it is about instant gratification. Using boring one-word captions and generic good-looking attractive, visually aesthetically appealing pictures, you may lose out on rousing the interest of your audience and thus not engaging with them as much as you can.

Try and post content that strikes a balance between personal and what you would like to present to the world as yourself, staying true to what you perceive yourself as. Do not shy away from honest, as an honest portrayal of yourself is likely to do much better than one that isn’t.

Maintain a consistent posting schedule

Last, but most importantly, it is imperative for you to maintain a schedule that you abide by in terms of the frequency of your posts. While it may be initially daunting for you to create a long-term schedule, this will work in your favor, as very important criteria for your page is whether or not it seems as though you are invested in your page and creating content for it.

Keeping these points in mind, you will find it easy to gain popularity on your Instagram page and build your following. Instagram is a visual platform and thus the most important way to engage with your followers is visually, and hence your content remains the king in this avenue. However, all the other aspects will help support the way you present your social media presence and thus help you gain followers on this networking platform. In order to remain relevant, you must be consistent and persistent in your social media endeavor.

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