5 Top Tips on Affording Your Dream Car

Is there a car that you have long dreamed of owning? You’re a driver, of course there is! To be able to turn this dream of yours into a reality, however, you might have to play around with your finances a little — in many cases, people may not have the immediate disposable income needed to get behind the wheel of their favourite motor before the day is over!

To find five top tips on what it might take for you to finally own the car of your dreams, make sure to read on.

Get your money in order

Before you can even consider purchasing the car of your dreams, you have to get your money in order. Taking control of your finances will allow you to work out if you actually have enough to buy the car outright, or if you can only afford to buy it on finance.

If your current bank balance is holding you back from purchasing your fantasy vehicle outright, but you’d rather steer clear of financing if you can, then you should consider taking out a personal loan. By doing so, you would give yourself the much-needed cash injection you need to put down the money you need today, while then being able to pay back the money that you owe at a later date. For more information on what loans to take out and how to stay safe when taking this kind of financial action, click here.

Earn a second income

Earning a second income doesn’t necessarily have to mean taking on another job, you know. There are plenty of side hustles out there that will allow you to earn the extra money you need to be able to afford your dream car, without you having to disrupt your schedule all that much.

As a keen driver, a side hustle that could be perfectly suited to you is freelance taxiing. As an Uber driver, for instance, you would be able to control your working hours, meaning you could devote as much of your time and effort to this side hustle as you see fit. The beauty of Uber technology means that you can pick and choose who you pick up, too, meaning you don’t have to necessarily put yourself in danger whenever you take on a job.

Wait around for the right time

The older cars get, the more their prices fall. If you’re not bothered about driving your dream car while it is brand-spanking new, then, it might be beneficial for you to wait around for the time being. By waiting for the right time to make your purchase, which could only be a year or two, the car of your dreams could come down by thousands of pounds, and that could be the deciding factor in you being able to afford it.

Look for a second-hand version of the car

Similarly, if you’re not bothered about being your dream car’s first owner, then you might want to consider looking for a second-hand version of it. Doing this will see you make a whopping saving when compared to buying it new.

When it comes to buying a second-hand car, you could make even more savings by:

• Heading to the dealership during a particularly quiet time (this means avoiding the weekends and time directly following the general public payday)
• Having a trusted mechanic look over the car before you commit to it. This ensures that you don’t have to pay for ongoing fixes and services going forward.
• Not asking ‘what is the best price?’ — this is too nebulous, and you should instead tell the dealer what you wish to pay and then try to haggle from there.
• Considering part-exchanging your current vehicle (just make that you don’t get ripped off when you do).
• Not being put out by the fact that your dream car is ex-fleet.

Additionally, if you’re in a location where you don’t need to own a car but need one occasionally or for a weekend, then renting is your best bet, car rental at Fort Lauderdale for example offers this service for its clients.

Advertise on your car

If you think that the appearance of your dream car wouldn’t be ruined by a few stickers being stuck to its bodywork, then being a driving advertising billboard is also a route you can take. In this instance, all you need to do is have your vehicle stuck with numerous company names, slogans, and logos, and then drive it around. Paying for that dream car of yours doesn’t get any simpler!

In order to afford your absolute dream car, you might want or even have to consider taking all of the advice laid out above. By doing so, your new motor will be the talk of the town in no time.

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