5 Tools How Technology Affects Language Learning Process

Language learning is a long process that requires considerable concentration and confidence for success. To do this, everyone needs motivation, because enthusiasm passes quickly and the process of learning a language becomes a routine. The choice and implementation of educational tools and technologies allow organizing the educational process in accordance with the needs and life experience of students. This, in turn, is in line with the basic principles of effective learning.

Inspiring Educational Technologies of the Future

Before mastering the language, it is necessary to clearly understand why it is needed. It is also important to know what opportunities can open up after learning a language, and what modern technologies can speed up the learning process. Knowledge of the language contributes to the development of one’s potential as well as the expansion of their worldview. It also benefits professional growth, and at work, it promotes respect and recognition among friends and colleagues.

According to researchers, educational technology is associated with the use of both material equipment and teaching methods. It includes several areas, including learning theory, computer learning, and online learning. Thus, there are several separate aspects that describe the development of educational technologies:

• Educational technologies as a theory and practice of approaches to learning;
• technological means and mass media that help in the exchange of knowledge, as well as their development;
• training technologies for learning management systems, training programs;
• educational management information systems.

During different types of work, students face the problem of replenishing knowledge, enhancing vocabulary, or building communication skills. They can use various technologies to combat these issues. This has a positive effect on the development of students’ thinking and attention, interests them, and encourages cooperation.

Digital Solutions for Language Learning

Most students use smartphones when learning a language, so the platforms and resources you use should have a user-friendly interface and function on a small screen. So, you may need to do some research to find a suitable tool for your language learning, or use TranslationReport to find live help with your learning and translation needs.

There are many educational tools that can promote the language learning process. However, as practice and experience show, the question of selection of technologies that increase the efficiency of classes depends on individual learning styles of students, that include the following ones:

• Verbal-linguistic;
• visual-spatial;
• musical-rhythmic style.

There are also specific language learning apps and training programs to make language learning faster, easier, and more interesting. Students can find the following learning tools useful:

The TOEFL Podcast. This online tool for learners focuses on preparing students for the TOEFL exam. The records are quite old, but the format and content are always relevant. This resource trains listening and will be useful for those for whom natural speech in English is too fast (most beginners). In these podcasts, the conversation situation is first read slowly, then the commentator explains the main points that could be new in the recording, and at the end, we listen to the same situation at a normal speed.
Flipgrid. It is a free and easy application that helps students develop communication skills by creating short video answers and conversations on a given topic. Educators and students can use Flipgrid from home to stay involved in the educational process and thus continue their education.
Breakout Rooms (Zoom). Let’s not forget that lessons are almost the only chance for our students to practice using English for communication. And if you teach a group or class with 10-20 students? Then the Breakout rooms function on the Zoom platform will become a real lifesaver for you.
Quizlet. It is an app that facilitates learning a language with a time-proven method – flashcards. There is no shortage of various cards to learn from when using this app, so learning can be interactive, engaging, and fun.
VoiceTube. It is a solution that allows you to listen to videos and benefit from the fact that listening to voice is among the top ways to learn the language effectively. It also facilitates note-taking, which lets a student revisit the moments they had difficulty with. Its unique feature is the ability to self-record to track your pronunciation and compare it against the original piece. There are also tasks one can take after watching the video.

Gear Up With Proper Language Learning Tools

We can conclude that with the development of information technology, the process of modernization of the education system becomes especially important. The main goal is to ensure the computer and information literacy of students and provide access to the necessary modern language learning tools. Foreign language teaching will be effective due to the integrated use of the latest innovative technologies and tools for learning foreign languages. Choose the best programs from the list and start your language learning journey today!

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