5 Tips for Improving the Value of Your Home in the Long Run

Are you hoping to see greater home appreciation in the coming years? When you purchase a home, you make a huge investment that can pay off. But you need to make the right home improvements to ensure your market price continues climbing.

Read on to learn 5 tips for improving home value in the long run!

1. Pursue an Addition for Increased Property Value

You can start improving home value by adding square footage. A new bedroom, revamped garage, or large living room will do the trick.

You may want to add an enclosed sun porch. This offers a more climate-controlled way to enjoy the hot summer months. And it can highlight a stunning backyard!

2. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Creating a better kitchen is an easy way to increase property value. Dated wood cabinets and peeling laminate floors will do little to impress buyers. But swapping out scuffed countertops for granite and choosing hardwoods will.

If you don’t want to invest in a total kitchen makeover, make some simpler changes. Add a fresh backsplash to create a burst of color and introduce patterns.

3. Curb Appeal Is Key to Improving Home Value

When the outside of your home looks good, you can expect a better property value. Repaint a chipped front door and power wash your siding. If the roof shingles are peeling, replace them!

Trim the hedges if they look unwieldy, and remove weeds from flower beds. If your home lacks landscaping, introduce some shrubs around the foundation and put some planters on the front porch. Plant a few trees and define new flower beds with pavers for an easy update.

4. Go Green to Enhance Home Appreciation

A more energy-efficient home will appeal to buyers down the road. Upgrade to appliances with an Energy Star designation. This means that the appliances meet government specifications regarding energy consumption.

Add residential solar panels. You’ll be able to pay off the initial investment through energy savings. And by the time you’re ready to sell, you’ll have buyers eager to see lower utility bills!

Go with better windows to provide a stronger barrier against the winter chill and insulate your home. And turn to eco-friendly building materials, like bamboo, for new floors or walls.

5. Make Interior Cosmetic Changes

If you’re looking for less expensive ways to improve property value, invest in some cosmetic changes inside the home. You won’t gouge your budget buying a few gallons of paint or upgrading a faucet in your bathroom.

Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall. You’ll go from beige to beautiful in minutes! Invest in some throw pillows and other home decor that can add pops of color.

Make the Right Home Improvements

Improving home value boils down to investing in more square footage and making necessary upgrades. A fresh coat of paint and new hardwoods can elevate even the smallest home. And you’ll strengthen your home equity by updating appliances and windows.
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