5 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Propel Your Brand Locally in London

Marketing has undergone several changes in the past. A few years back, companies invested heavily in print, TV, and radio advertising to promote their brands locally and nationally. Things have changed, and today, social media platforms have become an integral element of the marketing mix.

According to recent stats, the UK has around 45 million social media users that account for 66% of the population. London is the biggest city in the UK, with a population of 7,556,900. According to experts, your marketing will not have the desired effect without social media marketing. It is a potential source to reach a wider audience.

You can also hire an experienced social media agency in London that follows the best strategies to propel your brand locally in London. The strategies they mostly follow are:

1 – Mapping Audience to Social Media Platforms

Numerous social media platforms can be used to promote your brand locally. However, it would be best to find out which social media platforms are used by your audience. Some of the UK’s popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

According to UK social media stats 2019, 40 million people in the country use Facebook. The Facebook Audience Insights shows there are around 35 to 40 million active users on Facebook every month. Of these, 48% are men, and 52% are women.

You need to survey your existing customers to find out social media platforms popular among your audience. It will help understand customer preferences and design a marketing strategy that will appeal to a new audience.

2 – Giving Special Discounts to Social Media Followers

Discounts and promotional offers are among the few reasons for people following businesses on social media platforms. Posting contests and giving out prizes to top winners is a great way to engage your audience on social media platforms.

Your social media agency in London will create promotions with hashtags and use them to tag your promotional event on different social media platforms. They can also consider a brand ambassador program. With a brand ambassador’s program, your brand will have appropriate representation and wider reach.

3 – Posting High-Quality Content for Better Engagement

Content remains the king of all marketing campaigns, and social media marketing is no different. Most customers will like to have updates about your social business like the launch of new products, behind the scene photos of a promotional event, or any other useful content related to your business.

While posting any promotional content on your company’s social media account, add a value-adding post to engage your target audience. The value-adding post could be a blog link from your website or the Internet. Just make sure the link offers value to the promotional campaign on the social media platform.

According to leading UK social media engagement stats, the average engagement rate on Facebook is 3.82%. The engagement rate for a post with a photo is higher at 5.48%, while a post with a video has an engagement rate of 6.96%.

4 – Building a Tribe

Do you know the easiest way to promote your brand locally in London on a social media platform? The answer is building a tribe. Word of mouth remains the best way to promote your brand, and social media platforms have become the world of the mouth where people share good and bad things about brands.

If you want to effectively promote your brand locally, you need to rope in followers. Remember, your customers who endorse your brand have their sphere of influence. They can give your brand image a boost and help in higher conversions.

According to a recent survey, 77% of UK customers read reviews before buying anything online. It explains the importance of building a tribe and using them as a promotional tool to get the right words about your brand.

It is not surprising that review culture is growing across the world. Most users would not buy a product of the brand they have never used before consulting anyone who has used it.

5 – Researching What Other London Businesses Are Doing

It is always a good idea to know what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. When you are trying to promote your brand locally, you need to understand what other London businesses have done well in the past.

See how other companies have built their brand identities. And what techniques and strategies they have employed to promote their brand locally. The main objective of this exercise is to convince your audience to choose your brand over competitors.

To sum up, the right social media strategies can play an essential role in brand building. So make sure you partner with the right social media agency to get things right the first time.

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