5 Signs Your Aging Parent May Need to Consider an Assisted Living Facility

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, more and more people are being left with an important question to answer – when is the right time for an assisted living facility, and what are the top signs that your aging parent may need to consider one? It’s hard to picture your parent as anything but that lively figure in your life, but age is natural and as this process takes place, it can create situations where it’s no longer ideal for them to live on their own.
If you’re having a hard time deciding when the time is right to have this conversation, here are five signs your aging parent may need to consider moving to an assisted living facility.

They Find Bathing and Getting Dressed Difficult

Being able to bathe and get dressed isn’t something you give much thought to – that is until it becomes difficult. If your parent is having a hard time keeping themselves groomed and dressed, this can be a big red flag.

They Need Help Going to the Bathroom

Bathroom issues can include needing assistance using the toilet and cleaning up, or perhaps they may even have incontinence – which means they have difficulty controlling their bowels. These issues can be stressful for anyone that is living on their own, left to care for themselves. Even if you can be there with them, this may be a bigger issue than you can handle.

They Have a Hard Time Managing Their Medication

While it’s normal to require medication as you age, the more pills an individual has to take, the more important medication management becomes. If your parent is starting to lose some of their memory, or is just forgetful, suddenly medication management can be very serious. Missing doses, or doubling up on doses because they forgot they already took their pills, can be incredibly dangerous.

They Need Help with Cooking and Eating

A person needs to be able to eat to survive, and not just any food but a healthy well-balanced diet. Troubles with cooking and eating can often be the first warning sign that families notice in an aging parent. This is where assisted living facilities can fill an important gap. Options like this assisted living facility in St. Louis County can help ensure that your parent receives well-balanced meals every day. Staff can also help them with feeding if needed.

They Aren’t Able to Keep Up with the Household Chores

We all know that household chores can be time-consuming and take a lot of energy. Your parent may not have that in them. Things such as the laundry, keeping the kitchen clean and disinfected, vacuuming, dusting and so forth are all important but take a lot out of you. In an assisted living facility, all of this would be done for them.
Moving your parent into an assisted living facility can be a very sensitive subject. Knowing when and how to bring up the topic will help ensure everyone is comfortable. Making sure you are mindful of your parent’s current health will help you to identify the early warning signs that can spark the need for the conversation.

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