Worcester should be at the top of the list if you are looking for exciting places for adults to explore in Massachusetts. The spectacular county is home to over eight hundred thousand people, with stunning bars, restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, and other thrilling attractions such as a growing cannabis scene.

Those over twenty-one will love exploring some of the top Worcester County dispensaries in the area because these offer incredible marijuana products to enjoy. You can buy oils, creams and other topicals, tinctures, flowers, gummies, and many fantastic cannabis products.

Before elaborating on why visiting one of these dispensaries is a must when traveling through Worcester, here are a few other fun things that adults can do in the area.

Art and wildlife

A visit to the Worcester Art Museum is an absolute must for art-loving travelers as it can enthrall your senses like nothing else. The fabulous place is home to art by renowned European, Indian, American, Asian, and other artists, spanning thousands of years. Moreover, the museum is home to one of the most intimidating collections of arms and weapons dating way back to 2000 B.C.

Similarly, ardent animal lovers and tourists will love exploring the EcoTarium, Worcester’s famous educational institution-cum-museum. The museum’s most famous attractions include river otters, giant hissing cockroaches, and porcupines. Fascinating exhibits are housed across three spacious floors and a spectacular planetarium on the premises.

The Green Hill Park Farm is another animal attraction you can visit alongside the EcoTarium. While there are plenty of peacocks, goats, pigs, and other adorable farm animals, the llamas draw the most attention with their quirky personalities.

Explore the Cascades

Most tourists are surprised to find that a modern county like Worcester is home to breathtaking waterfalls and lush greenery. But the spellbinding woodlands quickly put to rest any doubts people may have. The Cascades are a fantastic and somewhat complex network of gorgeous trails, open for the public to explore freely.

There are several popular hiking paths that nature enthusiasts in the neighborhood and travelers from out of state love taking. More specifically, the Cascade Falls Loop Trail stretching for an impressive 1.4 miles is among the most sought-after attractions in the region.

Hit the breweries

Worcester has dominated the beer scene in Massachusetts for as long as anyone can remember, with a vast number of craft breweries offering lip-smacking beverages to locals and visitors. Adults who love beer and prefer it over any other drink will love relishing some of Worcester’s most delicious creations.

The local Wormtown Brewery is a great place to start, famous for its unfiltered and robust flavors. There is a tap-room on the site that allows you to enjoy as many varieties as possible. Other excellent options include Flying Dreams Brewing Co. and the 3cross Fermentation Cooperative. The prices are highly competitive, and the experience is unmatched.

Visit a few dispensaries

You can browse online directories to find which Worcester county dispensaries you would like to visit on your trip, ensuring they are open and sell the kind of products you would like to purchase. Reliable sources will also list details like the product list, exact dispensary location, contact information, and more on the website.

Just remember, you need to be over twenty-one to visit a dispensary in the stunning Worcester county and carry valid government-issued identification. Also, while you can walk into any number of dispensaries, note that you can buy only up to a specific limit, as per state laws. Typically, Massachusetts permits people to buy up to a single ounce a day.

A bonus tip is to carry enough cash with you, as most of the dealers in Worcester work on a cash-only payment mode. Also, be prepared to encounter crowds at almost every dispensary, because these are among the favorite local hangout spots and not just tourist attractions. No wonder Worcester has the most marijuana applications in the region!

Delve into the history

There is a bit of intriguing history in all aspects of Worcester, whether drama or architecture. For instance, folks who love Broadway musicals and similar performances can visit the two historic theaters in the region for a memorable experience. Besides mesmerizing acts, these places offer riveting gospel performances and orchestral arrangements.

Other iconic historical landmarks to see in Worcester include Tuckerman Hall built in the early 1900s, Salisbury Mansion dating back to the 1700s, and the world-famous Bancroft Tower. These historically rich places speak for themselves, showcasing their importance and role in Worcester to visitors seeking to learn more about this fascinating county. Besides their stunning architecture, their aesthetic appeal is most loved by the locals and tourists alike.

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