5 Modern T-shirt Styles for Men

In every man’s wardrobe, you’re destined to find more than one t-shirt. They are great, simple, and can go with almost anything; khakis, shorts, jeans, or suits. They are highly versatile and are an absolute must-have for every man.

T-shirts are appropriate in almost every social setting and are very comfortable to wear. From plain tees, henleys to polo shirts, there is a wide range of t-shirts you can choose from to style up your wardrobe.

To help your shopping a lot less overwhelming, we’ve created a list of 5 modern t-shirts for any kind of man.

1 – Classic Crewneck T-shirt from Burberry

Irrespective of your body structure, the classic crewneck t-shirt from Burberry clothing is a perfect combination of modern design and sophistication. You can get the classic crewneck tees both as long or short sleeves, and they come in a variety of fabrics that allow you to wear them all-year-round. Thi versatility will help you pull off an amazing yet subtle look.

2 – The V-Neck T-Shirt

Originally designed to fit well-built men with broad shoulders, today, it’s a fashion statement in every man’s closet. It’s flexible to wear and easy to remove.

When you’re out shopping for v-neck t-shirts, remember the classic v-neckline should not be below your armpits.

3 – Plain T-shirt

Plain t-shirts are a versatile essential that you simply cannot afford to not have is a plain t-shirt. While it may seem simple, a plain black or white tee has the ability to elevate any outfit.
Originally worn as an undergarment in the military, this quintessential tee transcends all seasons and styles. Whether you choose to dress it up with a suit jacket or rock it with a pair of jeans, it’s very hard for you to go wrong with plain tees.

4 – Polo T-Shirt

Worn primarily by golfers and tennis lovers, polo t-shirts provide the perfect balance between sporty and casual. You can close a business deal and play golf later in the day both in the same polo.

The secret to their sophistication lies in their fabric. Polos adds a formal touch to your outdoors look since it‘s made from absorbent material.

5 – Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt

Raglan t-shirts are named after Lord Raglan, who lost his arm during a battle at Waterloo. It’s a modern presentation of the long-sleeved t-shirt he used to conceal his amputated arm.

This t-shirt is a staple among stereotypic baseball players. It’s made of a diagonal seam which gives it the distinctive look it’s credited for.

6 – Hooded T-Shirt

T-shirts are not only for wearing during the summer. You can still look stylish and stay warm in winter with a hooded t-shirt. Hooded t-shirts have a hood incorporated into the t-shirt, creating a warm and casual outfit. What’s even better about them is they are a perfect athleisure and gym outfit.

Consider Burberry Clothing for Modern T-Shirts

Whether you are heading to the beach or attending a business meeting over a casual spot of golf, you need to look fashionable.

Grab a t-shirt from Burberry clothing and enjoy choosing from a wide selection of stylish and top-quality clothes. There are many different kinds of t-shirts designed to suit everyone’s needs.

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