5 Home Trends For 2022

Every year there are new home trends that emerge and shape the way in which people improve their homes. In recent times, the home is somewhere that has taken on even greater significance as a result of the pandemic, and it will be interesting to see how the home is used in 2022. Many people now find themselves working and socializing a lot more at home, which could have a big impact. People are also becoming increasingly eco-conscious and looking for ways to save money, and this is being seen with the improvement that people are making. So, what will the main home trends be for 2022?

1. Increasing Space

With people spending more time at home and often working remotely, many people are finding that their property now feels too small. This is why people are looking at ways to extend their living space, including extensions, basement conversions, loft conversions, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

2. Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that is emerging in both design and life and could play a major role in 2022. Minimalism can be a great way to reduce clutter, create more space and bring a calming atmosphere in the home – something that everyone can benefit from right now. Of course, it is not possible to chuck everything out, which is why smart storage solutions are a sensible investment. These will help you to maintain a clean, minimalist space while still being able to access the items that you need and keep things organized.

3. Solar Power

Many homeowners are taking the plunge and making the switch to solar. This is partly due to people becoming eco-conscious, but also due to the sharp rising energy costs. Solar power is an effective way to protect yourself from rising energy costs and could help you to make enormous savings over the long term while also doing your part to protect the planet.

4. Propane

Another way that people are reducing their environmental impact and lowering their energy bills is by switching to propane. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that can be used in many ways around the home, including for kitchen appliances, tankless water heaters, home heating, and for generators, amongst other uses. You can get Penn Jersey Propane to deliver and install propane tanks for your home and even perform maintenance services for your propane appliances as and when you need them.

5. Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are now more than just a functional space in the home and seen as a space that can improve mental health. Remodeling the bathroom and turning this into a tranquil space could improve your life and home as well as add value. Walk-in showers, rainfall showerheads, and standalone bathtubs are all popular options worth considering.

These look set to be major home trends in 2022 and are all excellent ways to improve your home and life. The way people use their homes is changing due to various factors, with the above being a few of the most common improvements and upgrades that people are making right now.

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