5 Grooming Essentials For 2017

Next five items will keep your appearance at its best. Each one of us uses a different routine and hygiene products but you’ll find something useful for sure. Check out our list below and get yourself covered with shaving, hair and skin essentials for 2017.

1 –  Abbeyhorn Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

Abbeyhorn Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

A long lasting brush made of badger bristle and a polished horn handle.

Abbeyhorn is a company with over two and a half centuries of history and just like their tradition, the products are made to last. Today, we’re introducing you to a handmade luxurious Shaving Brush, a must have grooming item. It’s crafted out of extremely soft badger bristles that will provide you both with a smooth shave and amazing performance. Besides the quality bristle, the brush comes with a polished horn handle.

BUY | $135

2 – Winston Set

Winston Set

The ultimate shaving set.

The Winston Set is one more thing you’ll need for a good shave. Why? It has everything– a super sharp razor, blade cartridges and either a foaming shave gel or a moisturizing shave cream, whichever you prefer more. The razor features a high-grade aluminum handle that fits comfortably in the hand and is equally balanced for a better shave. The German engineered blades also spread the pressure evenly.

BUY | $29.98

3 – Byrd Bath Trio

Byrd Bath Trio

Three items you’d want to keep in the bathroom at all times.

This fantastic Byrd Bath Trio is everything you need when taking a shower. The set includes a shampoo, conditioner and a hydrating body wash, all packed in 16 oz pump bottles. What they all have in common is the blend of island coconut, sea salt, vanilla, and pineapple. Byrd products will repair your hair and skin, hydrate it and give it a nice natural glow. The shampoo adds volume to your hair and prevents breakage, the conditioner will make your hair soft and keep you protected from UV exposure while the body wash will refresh and moisturize the skin.

BUY | $59.98

4 – Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne

A go-to cologne that can fit into a pocket.

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne is a go-to men’s fragrance that will bring you long lasting and fresh scent. It comes in several blends, all using natural materials like green citrus, wild rockrose, and saltwater. Something else that is very useful is that it’s packed in a small metal case that fits into the pocket and is easy to store. To use it, just rub it with your finger and apply to your wrist or neck.

BUY | $59.98

5 – Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites

Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites

A set of four grooming must have items.

The set of Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites is botanical, affordable and will cover your grooming needs. In it, you get four items- 6 oz of Dr. Carver’s easy shave butter, 2 oz of Big Cloud daily face moisturizer, 2 oz of Boogie’s casual hair clay and one pack of Wipe Charlies. Use the butter before shaving to soften the hair and the moisturizer you to keep your skin well hydrated and protected from the sun. Hair clay is great for giving it texture and the wipes are very effective for quickly getting clean.

BUY | $22

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