5 Exciting Things to Do with Your Friends

It’s great that we’re recovering from the pandemic, but for some people, things may become awkward among their circle of friends since they haven’t seen one other in a while. Both indoor and outdoor activities are perfect to bond with your folks, but not all activities are safe to engage in. Keep reading for recommendations on exciting activities to do with your friends.

Virtual Cooking Competition

It’s never too late to organize a virtual cooking competition with your buddies. Even if you can’t taste everyone’s food, your presentation and creativity will earn you points. This simple project can be completed by distributing mystery box ingredients for each of you to select and utilize to create a dish. Anything you want can go inside, but proteins like meat and fish are always a desirable choice.

Before the competition, set some ground rules. Usually, the standard rules are that each mystery basket ingredient must be used in the dish, and each person must finish cooking by a fixed time. When the time comes, cook your most delicious dish and share it with friends via video call.

Movie Nights

After a long week at the office, it must be nice to chill with friends and watch a film. Catch up on the best Christmas movies, Korean dramas, or newly released series with your pals while enjoying popcorn, cocktails, and fizzy drinks. The fondue set is excellent as well for a movie night with friends if you adore chocolate. Remember to bring blankets and wear comfy pajamas.

While watching together at one’s home is always preferable, you can add the Netflix Party extension to your browser so that you can watch together from different places. This way, you can watch films with your friends simultaneously, and the browser’s chat feature will keep you connected throughout the show. Or if you would love to host a watch party with your friends have your own projector like WEMAX Go Advanced. You can do more with the WEMAX Go Advanced built-in wireless connectivity to watch movies, share files, collaborate, video conference, or chat with others on a bigger screen all with your phone.

Explore The City

Although many people can travel across the state or even countries, others may not have the same chance, so why not explore your own city? You might be surprised to discover many hidden gems in the city. Themed tours such as street art, food, and wine trips are some wonderful ways to learn about a city.

Wander around the city with your trusty camera, capturing as much as you can. All the buildings and hipster cafes along the streets will fascinate you. To top it all off, treat yourself to a weekend staycation in a fancy hotel room where you can do whatever you want with some friends, from talking until midnight, sunbathing by the pools to ordering room service.

Work Out

Working out together can be one of the great activities to get rid of all the stress and tension. In addition to going to the gym and doing cardio, hiking is always a good choice if you live near hiking trails. Don’t worry if you’re not into the gym because you can always work out in your backyard without using any equipment. Take in some fresh air and try to sweat as much as you can with activities like burpees, jumping jacks, and squats.

Installing fitness apps on your smartwatches, such as Fitness Buddy or MyFitnessPal, will also allow you to track how many calories you burned and drive you to strive for more. Also, you’ll be relieved to learn that doing the exercises will trigger the release of all the endorphins and serotonin that will boost your mood.

Dine Out

Dining out with your trusted circle of foodie friends is perhaps the best part of it all. Many factors must be considered while selecting a restaurant. However, if you take the time to choose the best restaurant to try, you will be rewarded with a memorable gastronomic experience. Word of mouth or reviews is also helpful because they will give you an idea of the restaurant.

Aside from that, consider how long it will take each member of your group to get to the restaurant and whether they will require transportation. But why not take a chance and try something new every time? Who knows, maybe you’ll get to enjoy some of the best gastronomic experiences that you’ll remember for a long time.

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