5 Beautiful Additions To Your Vacation Rental Property

If you plan to re-list your Airbnb units or holiday apartments soon, consider adding something that welcomes your guests with a bang. After more than a year of lockdowns, every patron would appreciate a surprise from their hosts!

The economy may be in a recovery state. With the aid of stimulus, people should have additional spending power enough to fund their vacation. If you own a vacation rental property, a bit of investment in the right areas could exponentially increase your sales.

Here are five additions that could keep your property busy this summer.

A Swimming Pool

It’s not a question of whether your property is near the beach or not. If the rental home is far from a body of water, the more you should install a pool. If your apartment is a few steps away from the shore, you still need this amenity so your guests could unwind at night.

Convert the empty backyard and lawn spaces into a luxurious pool by incorporating an above-ground pool into a property. There are lots of ideas you can find on Pinterest. If you like to go the DIY route, you’ll need to invest in some equipment like pool pumps, pool heaters, and more.

Free Wi-Fi and Netflix

Instead of keeping the telephone and cable connection that shoots your bills to stratospheric levels, consider a complimentary prepaid Wi-Fi sim and a Smart TV connected to Netflix.

It’s time to cut the cables and the cost. Embrace Smart Tech and turn your rental unit into a cozy space that can accommodate various entertainment needs.

A Small Convenience Store

Holiday apartments sit far from public markets and thrift shops. Thus, most guests would either travel far to buy some goods or eat the same food they ate from a few days ago.

To provide a wide array of food choices and a place to buy fresh produce and other essentials, set up a 24/7 convenience store a few steps away from the property. Instead of losing potential income, shall your guests decide to step out, let them savor some instant noodles, hotdog sandwiches, and other snacks they can buy back at home.

Pet-Friendly Facilities

People who usually opt for extended stays and would probably spend more would have pet companions. Don’t ignore this particular customer segment, or you would have missed a lot of sales opportunities.

Allowing pets opens doors for increase income as you may offer amenities like a dog nursery, grooming services, a mini-pet shop, and more. However, it’s important to emphasize the house rules with the pet owner and provide some guidelines for handling their pet to prevent unwanted circumstances.

A Beautiful Kitchen

Guests would be happier to see their apartment with complete cookware and other amenities. It means that they can enjoy their long vacation without having to break the bank by ordering fancy meals every day or eating what’s only available on the nearby restaurant’s menu.

Invest in quality cookware, dining utensils, a high-quality exhaust system, and modern appliances like food processors, juicers, microwave ovens, and more.


Wake up your sales caught in deep slumber during the lockdowns. It’s time to seize the opportunity as more and more people go out of their shelters to enjoy this year’s summer!

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