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The US and, indeed, the rest of the world has started to completely reform the views that we have about the highly therapeutic and medicinal herb called cannabis. There are many benefits that cannabis use delivers and, if you are against smoking it which is totally understandable, you can always make your own edibles. Luckily for us, JeffThe420Chef has brought out his latest book, The 420 Gourmet, that brings us a sophisticated manual to create our own edibles.

One reviewer has claimed The 420 Gourmet is nothing short of genius, and that statement is completely understandable since this isn’t only a cookbook but also an extremely informative guide on safe dosage, different strain varieties and their typical effects.

Recipe for brownies from The 420 Gourmet for brownies

We all know how delicious Brownies are but with The 420 Gourmet’s assistance, you can make your own delicious canna-brownies.

Jeff is famous for his specific process where he managed to eliminate both the smell and the taste of cannabis from his recipes and even features step-by-step instructions on how to create his ‘light tasting’ canna-oils and canna-butter. Apart from this, The 420 Gourmet truly does elevate the cannabis edible experience by featuring a variety of recipes from small plates, brunches and salads, to gourmet dinners and even gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and kosher dishes that are bound to tantalize your taste buds. Don’t forget to check out the informative video below.

Fakin' Bakin' Recipe from The 420 Gourmet

The 420 Gourmet even features vegan, vegetarian, kosher and gluten-free recipes that will suit everybody’s palate.

These recipes are perfect so that you can make your own edibles for pain relief, spiritual practices, relaxation, the enhancement of creativity and a variety of other benefits that can be gained from it.

Out of many other cannabis cookbooks out there, JeffThe420Chef has truly gone out the way to bring you an incredibly detailed and informative guide on the world of cannabis edibles.

Get it from Amazon here.

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