4 Social Media Habits That May Hint That Your Partner is Cheating

We all have social media apps and platforms and we use them for numerous purposes. We also tend to develop various habits on those apps which can portray signs that something is happening in our lives. That is how many people managed to find out or suspect that their spouses and partners are cheating on them or are thinking about it. There are some signs and habits on social media that may be a hint that your partner is looking for someone else, and here is how to notice them.

Interaction with People You Barely Know

When you are in a relationship, especially a long serious one, you tend to meet each other’s friends. Or you at least hear stories about them and essentially know that they exist. However, if you notice that your partner’s name is popping up in threads with people that you don’t even know or never heard about it, take a note. If they have never mentioned that specific person before, but it seems that they know each other pretty well, there may be a reason why they are keeping it a secret, so this may raise concerns. What is important here is to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner about this specific person and see what is happening. If they are not cheating it may mean that it is time to meet those other friends.

They Ignore Your Tags and Comments

We all use Facebook, and this is the biggest social media platform where couples show off their relationship or simply exchange comments and photos. What is more, you can easily spot if something suspicious is happening through Facebook cheating signs.

One such sign is if your partner ignores your tags. For example, you have tagged your partner in a photo. Do they respond or do they act like nothing happened? An even worse scenario is if they delete the tag so it doesn’t show up on their Facebook profile. If they are trying to turn their attention away from you and your relationship and run their account as if you don’t exist, then something odd may be happening.

The same goes for comments you leave on their profile or on their posts. Do they respond or they completely ignore you. Take note of subtle signs and you can even openly talk about it with your partner to check what is up.

They are Actively Talking to Their Ex

It is totally okay if your partner follows their ex on social media. It could be that they simply don’t care about who they follow or who are their friends on the platform. However, if you do notice that they are constantly communicating with their ex and that they are posting inside jokes on each other’s news feed of photos, then something may be happening there. It may mean that they simply have poor boundaries, that they are just friends, but something more can be going on.

Once again, open communication is key in such situations. This will prevent you from having some dark thoughts and you won’t be beating yourself about what is happening between them. What is more, you may help your partner that what they are doing is bothering you and you can find a way to fix that. On the other hand, you may find out something hurtful, but better that than to be deceived.

They Have Multiple Accounts

If your partner has different accounts – one for communicating with you and posting stuff you can see, and another secretive one where they talk to other people you don’t know about – it’s a red flag. This is a clear sign that there are things they don’t want you to see and that they talk to people they don’t want you to know about. This is a great concern and chances are big that your partner is cheating.

People’s behaviors online can easily change. However, not everything is a red flag and a sign that your partner is cheating. But if you do notice something and something is bothering you it is always best to bring it to your partner’s attention. This way, you can avoid any additional problems and hurt feelings. And it is always better to be upfront and resolve any issues or find out what is really going on.

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