If you enjoy the refreshing taste of good beer and appreciate those moments when you can relax completely and enjoy a pint of your favorite beer, here is an idea you will appreciate. Just imagine if the beer and the pint were somehow symbolically linked and matched, so that you could drink your favorite beer from your own region out of a glass that has a graphical symbol of that region in it, done by special craftsmanship. That would definitely attribute to the fuller and more enjoyable drinking experience.

North Drinkware mountain pint glass

Now that is possible thanks to the innovative idea of Matt and Leigh Capozzi and Nic Ramirez, members of North Drinkware. They have made an original product, 16 oz pint glasses that are handmade, and that have the highest peak of Mount Oregon called Mt. Hood molded in their bases. They are native Portlanders and just love to drink craft beer from their region, and they adore their mountain, and as a kind of an homage to it, they came up with this fantastic idea. So while they drink beer from their region, they are also celebrating its famous landmark by drinking it from these special glasses.

Specs of the North Drinkware 3D mountain pint glass

They used some serious 3D technology for making moulds that would represent exact replicas of Mt. Hood, and combined it with traditional hand blowing glass technique that is very popular in this region of Oregon, because it is rich with wineries, breweries and other facilities for producing high quality alcoholic beverages. And these two seem to be linked somehow. Isn’t it just fantastic to drink local crafted drinks, from local crafted glasses? It is not easy to hand blow glass, it is a very complicated process and requires a lot of skill and time, but this team collaborates with the best craftsmen in Portland, and they have perfected the process of production. And to complete the already fantastic drinking experience, they also offer handmade Mt. Hood Coaster, to match the fabulous glass.

The team needs your help on Kickstarter. You can pledge $35 and get this fantastic and original Oregon pint beer glass. You can even order a glass according to your own design and enjoy! [via] watch video below

3D mountain pint glass

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