3 Ways to Use Technology to Boost Your Income

It’s all too easy to feel like your professional life is growing stagnant, but it’s rarely a breeze to sort out how to make positive changes to increase your career fulfillment. But you have a great tool right at your fingertips: your smartphone. Here are three ways you can use technology to help you make some extra cash and perhaps even find more joy in your life.

Polish Your Sales Skills

When it comes to a sales career, it often seems like a person is either cut out for that industry or not. And while personality is key and many successful salespeople have a natural gift, you can always learn this skill with enough dedication to the craft.
Supplement your income while you practice your selling technique through a tried and true international program like Amway. Amway has been a top company in the relationship marketing industry for decades and they have evolved into the present space by adopting the latest technology developments to support their global sales team. In addition to earning some extra cash on the side, you can also take part in sales training and leadership webinars that can help you take your sales skills to the next level.

Get Rid of Stuff

There’s that old bench press set, caked in an embarrassing amount of dust, that old mountain bike and even some old furniture and they are all piled up in your storage unit or garage, just taking up space. We are all guilty of it. You cling to the fact that one day, you may want to use it again, so you have kept all of those things all of these years, yet here they are, still unused.
Make your old stuff work for you by selling it to someone who will actually use it. While Craigslist is always a solid option, try Facebook Marketplace or Offerup as well, for a pool of more tech-savvy shoppers. You can create a quick listing from your smartphone; just snap a photo, write a short description and name your price. Just be careful not to get too greedy on your pricing if you actually want your item to sell quickly.

Teach English Online

Speaking English is as important as ever in the global marketplace. All around the world, children and adults alike are encouraged to learn how to speak English in order to further their education or career. This puts native English-speakers in a unique position to benefit.
With the rising demand of English tutors, we have also seen an influx of companies offering to connect students with tutors. While the options are plentiful, they are not all created equal and some offer more advantages to online tutors than others. VIPKID is one of the leading services worth looking into, though a minimum of one year of teaching experience is required. The company provides training, lesson plans and all classes are taught in a one-on-one format with a child in China who is between the ages of 4 and 12. Cambly is another option. They don’t require any formal teaching experience, but they do allow you to set your own hours and the work is a lot less formal than typical teaching programs.
You are only limited by your imagination and drive. If the options above don’t pique your interest, set out to create your own opportunity by creating an app that fills a void in the market or by teaching webinars on a topic that you are uniquely experienced in. It doesn’t matter if you are selling high-quality products, old stuff you no longer use or teach English abroad, if you can make some extra money in a fulfilling way using technology, don’t wait to get started.

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