3 Ways to Affect Real Social Change in the UK

Since early in 2020 at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems as though society has gone from dismal to depressed. Where there was once hope in our future, many of us fear for what that may be. We’ve lost 185,000 people to Covid-19, inflation is skyrocketing, and there is a housing crisis in many of our most populated cities. You may be thinking that there is no remedy for those issues outside government and corporate intervention, but that just isn’t true. We can each do something to affect real social change in our society, and it starts with small steps that are passed on from person to person. Here are just three ways you can personally make a huge difference.

1. Offer Our Children Hope for the Future

With so many people wandering around despairing for the future, it’s time to understand some of what they may be facing. In fact, due to this pandemic of mental and emotional illness, many of our children have been placed in foster care for a number of reasons ranging from abuse to neglect. Have you considered becoming a foster carer for these children to teach them that there really is hope for their future?
It’s not about buying them gifts and taking them on mad adventures but more about showing them how important they are and deserving of our love. No, you won’t be paid a fortune to open your hearts and homes to these children, but you will be paid a fostering allowance on top of the money provided for the direct care of the children. Find out more about these allowances on an independent foster care agency found online at thefca.co.uk.

2. Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to understand just how to live a sustainable lifestyle would be to learn more about what is being references as a circular economy you can read about on this site. It basically starts with the premise that little waste is produced if products purchased today are used but what can’t be used is passed on to other enterprises that can make use of them. For example, you buy a litre of soda but, instead of tossing out the plastic bottle, it goes into recycling. From there, the plastic is reused for other products and the end result is purchased by the consumer to begin the cycle again. By living a sustainable lifestyle, we are lowering our carbon footprint, saving our biosphere and protecting endangered species, to name a few of the benefits.

3. Embrace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

While this is a huge focus of company culture in many of today’s socially minded corporations, it should actually be the way we live our lives. We must recognise that we are all people and there really is no difference in the way we belong to the species. Although our skin colour and traditions may vary, there is no difference in the way we need love and sustenance in our lives. The key point here is that the only real way to affect social change in the UK, or anywhere else around the globe for that matter, is to embrace all people as one. That’s the root of social change and once we learn to be a part of the solution, the problems and divisiveness will start to evaporate.

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