3 Tips for Organizations to Donate School Supplies

There are several reasons why organizations make donations or coordinate charitable giveaways. Of course, there are also tax incentives for organizations to donate goods and services and, in a way, a company’s generosity also boosts its appeal as an effective marketing tool. For some, there is a deeper purpose to their giving; they endeavor to give back to a community where they live. They strive for that sense of satisfaction to volunteer time, money, or resources for the greater good. How better to do that than to direct resources toward something that directly impacts the next generation. How? Through donating school supplies to children in need.

Many organizations strive to make a consequential difference in their communities but often do not know where to begin. Consider how expensive and inefficient it would be to walk into a retail store and buy a pallet of paper or totes of pencils and pens.

Firstly, there would not be enough stock on the shelves and secondly, most retail stores do not offer bulk pricing for supplies.

If providing children with school supplies appeals to your organization’s philanthropic goals, then pay close attention to these three things that will help guide your way. If your organization is looking for ways to buy wholesale school supplies, you can learn more about these tips below.

Organize A Community Drive

Community drives are wonderful to bring people together for a common goal. Organizing drives takes a fair amount of work and a lot of coordination.

Step one is establishing the contact person. Then to coordinate drop-off locations or asking permission to place drop boxes for donations. Next, figure out how to effectively reach the local community. This can be done by newspaper ads, posters hanging up at stores, and fliers that the children can take home.

Gin up interest by educating the community about the needs of these school children, and which communities or schools will be served by these efforts. People love to give back and they want to help.

The final task is to collect then distribute these school supplies.

Buy in Bulk for Wholesale Prices

There are plenty of businesses that can offer wholesale prices for large projects that require bulk purchases. Bags in Bulk is a perfect example of a company that can provide just about everything a school-aged child needs to start the school year off right.

The list of things children need for school is pretty universal: notebooks, writing instruments, folders, binders, book bags, and art supplies.

Be sure to factor in the price per item, buying minimums, and shipping costs for the budget.

Send Cash

Sending money is usually the easiest thing to do. It does not require volunteers or much time and thought. Many times, organizations do not have the time or resources to coordinate a drive or shop around for bulk items. Sometimes, it is best to contact the school and ask what their students most need, then write a check to help defray the costs.

There is no wrong way to give when children require school supplies. Not only can an organization alleviate the stress from children, it provides essential tools to help them succeed.

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