3 Reasons Why Writing Services Are Popular

The debates whether it is ethical to use writing services or not are never-ending. It is obvious that the assignments for students should be completed by them for their own good. However, the opposers of such services rarely question the motives of the students who tend to delegate some tasks to other professionals.

This post will not delve into the evident reasons like reluctance to apply efforts or being spoilt by money and the belief that only money matters. There are other motives that are much more complicated.

Unreasonably High Standards

The 21st century offers not only many opportunities and options in terms of comfortable living. As the number of those increases, the demands put before any individual rise as well.

Think of any industry you are more or less familiar with. As soon as a technological or methodological improvement is introduced, the current employees become less valuable. Unless they embrace the changes and catch up with the novel solution, they can’t expect a wage raise, at best. At worst, they will be substituted by somebody savvier.
So, in addition to that basic knowledge and experience, however big it is, the employees need to learn something new. Yet, it doesn’t work just like with a computer. You can’t reprogram a person in a few minutes or hours just giving them the right instructions. And you can’t easily erase the old ones and change one’s habits.

The situation is the same in any field you can take as an example. Schools and universities prepare us for our future development as professionals, and often, the number of subjects or volumes of information is just unreasonable.

The advancements in any area have reached the speed that doesn’t even allow one student to finish their degree without adjustments in the curriculum. It’s an underrated stress factor. One more problem is that many learning institutions also can’t keep up with the changes to adapt their curricula and get rid of outdated information and assignments.

Curricula usually include
visiting lectures;
participating in workshops;
preparing reports;
conducting research;
doing extensive readings;
working on team projects;
revising lecture notes;
completing homework exercises;
writing essays/research papers/theses/dissertations.
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So, as a result, we have a bunch of students overloaded with tasks. The students have to prioritize. If they have to choose between spending time writing a basic essay and preparing for a workshop, they will obviously choose a WritePaper kind of service.

No one else will process for them the information needed for the workshop to answer there later in person. Meanwhile, someone out there can craft an essay that looks less valuable to the student.


This point hardly requires elaboration. It’s 2021. In addition to the typical emergency situations like an injury or forced migration, we have the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting with small emergencies like damaged property and ending with tragic losses, there are numerous problems everyone can face. Sometimes, it’s a matter that doesn’t require much time to be resolved. Other times, you can be dragged into a disastrous chain of events that will derail your learning significantly if you don’t get some external help.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/T51WqUNMFhM
Unfortunately, these days, we depend on money too much. Being kicked out of a university after several years of paid study is, mildly speaking, a less acceptable option than spending some bucks on a few assignments. So, this is where the prioritization comes again.

Lack of Resources

Life can put anybody in a tough situation. It’s kind of an emergency, too, but a long-lasting one. One may have to take care of a child, a parent, or a sibling. What if the student has to work longer hours to stay afloat after losing their money to a burglary or another accident?

There is also an emotional resource. As society evolves, the number of mental disorders rises. Let’s take a widespread example of a depressed person. If one has to fight depression and can barely get up to go to classes, they definitely can’t complete everything a modern university may require of them.

As was already mentioned, the 21st century offers many opportunities. And sometimes, you need to grab several ones to become a valuable asset on the job market. That can make an individual pour their effort into several courses or jobs simultaneously.

Some people may say that it is one’s decision and responsibility whether to load themselves with a lot of tasks or not. And it is true. Just a reminder: this post seeks only to explain the reasons, not justify anything. So, here, the point is about a person taking a risk to pursue a significant goal that may change their life as they never dreamt of. No risk, no gain.

Wrapping Up

The opportunities and obstacles we may face today have never been that diverse. Students have to process so much information that sacrifices are inevitable. So, if you still think that resorting to writing services results purely from laziness, try to dig deeper and put yourself in another person’s shoes. What would you do if you were them?

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