3 of the Fastest Growing Forms of Online Entertainment

Online media and entertainment are all the rage, and most people can’t do without them to the extent that this entertainment has now gone mobile. We want entertainment with us at all times and this article looks at why this is the case and the type of entertainment that is trending. It’s always advisable to have some idea of what’s available and what’s trending before you start looking. This will mean that the games you play are not only up-to-date and current in terms of graphics and ease of access, but they will also provide for great points of similarity between colleagues, friends and even family to discuss and engage around.

Competitive gaming

From a position whereby gaming was considered somewhat antisocial and was the main domain of adolescent boys, it has gone mainstream and the dominant form of gaming that has taken the entertainment world by storm is that of competitive gaming. There is much more of a gender balance and this is now a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

The main reason for the growth in this form of online entertainment is the wide variety of games, but also the fact that game-specific independent social media forums and sites have sprung up around the games. Games like Dota2 and League of Legends have both become games with cult status and there are more online spectators than players now. Competitive gaming is massive and only growing bigger all the time.

Online casinos

There has been a huge growth in the online casino segment. From a position where only generic slots with three reels were available, you are now able to play movie-themed slots, live card games and a host of site-specific games. There is also the option to play the games for free or play in a real money casino. It’s a growing sector and many argued it would not sustain the growth seen during the pandemic, with more people looking for online, stay at home entertainment, yet it has remained a robust growth point in entertainment and will arguably continue on this growth path.

Word games/brainteasers

For the old-school gamer, online scrabble, crosswords and Sudoku may have been the games of choice as they progressed from the board to the screen. However, there has been a rise in the simpler, quicker more accessible word games and puzzles. Now played on a smart mobile device the word games of the moment need to be quick playing, interactive and able to be shared or played in a versus manner to add to their competitive nature.

These are the 3 fastest growing trends in online media and entertainment and provide but 3 of the options that the internet provides for. The online gaming and entertainment sector has changed drastically over the last few years and it is always in flux, but the ideas for fun mentioned in this article will provide for years of entertainment, and certainly a wide variety at that.

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