3 GRAYL Water Purifiers You Should Know About

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GRAYL makes water purifiers that are safe and very effective. The system they use is great because you don’t have to wait a lot, pump or squeeze, just fill it with water and press the inner cup into the outer cup. With this simple step, you’ll get great tasting water in every situation. They offer two types of filters- Quest and Legend, both for three occasions- Tap Filter, Trail Filter and Travel Purifier. There’s also a recently funded Kickstarter campaign for a new one- GRAYL Ultralight. 

Check out these 3 GRAYL water purifiers.

1 – GRAYL Quest Trail Water Filter

GRAYL Quest Trail Water Filter

With GRAYL Quest Trail Water Filter, you’ll get fresh water in 15 seconds.

This one is perfect for hitting the trails. You can use it for all sort of outdoor activities. Just like all GRAYL water filters, it’s very easy to use and with it, you’ll get fresh water in 15 seconds. It’s designed to remove 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, 99.94% of protozoan cysts, filter chemicals and heavy metals. GRAYL Quest Trail Water Filter will improve both taste and smell of water. It’s made from stainless steel, food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic. This water filter weighs 16 oz, has a capacity of 16 ounces and comes in blue and grey.

BUY | $59.95

2 – GRAYL Legend Travel Water Purifier

GRAYL Legend Travel Water Purifier

GRAYL Legend Travel Water Purifier has a stainless steel body.

Unlike Quest filters, with Legend, the entire body is made from stainless steel. This one is for all those who travel often and explore the wilderness. Just like the previous one, GRAYL Legend Travel Water Purifier removes waterborne bacteria, protozoan cysts, chemicals and heavy metals but this one is also effective against viruses like Hepatitis A, SARS and Rotavirus. It takes 30 seconds to get fresh water and it has the capacity of 16 ounces. With 20.75 oz, it’s a bit heavier than the previous one.

BUY | $89.95

3 – GRAYL Ultralight

GRAYL Ultralight

GRAYL Ultralight weighs only 10.9 oz and has an attachment loop.

GRAYL Ultralight is a new water filter that got funded on Kickstarter. Just like the name says, it’s the very light (weighs only 10.9 oz). In addition to removing waterborne bacteria, protozoan cysts, chemicals, heavy metals and viruses, this one also removes particulates like sediment and silt. You use it the same way as all GRAYL water filters (fill with water and press). Besides it being very lightweight, it’s also fast to use. It takes just 15 seconds to filter water and has the same capacity as the previous two. The bottle cap has an integrated attachment loop so you can clip it onto any backpack. You can get it in black and orange.

BUY | $56.50

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