3 Design Tips to Create Effective Fundraiser Flyers

A flyer is often what creates that all important first impression in a reader’s mind about the planned fundraiser. Since there is also a significant expense associated with designing and printing out physical flyers, making them as effective as possible is a priority. Keeping these factors in mind, here are three tips to maximize the potential of your fundraiser’s flyer designs.

Work On Proven, Effective Fundraising Flyer Templates

When it comes to maximizing return from business investments, nothing beats experience backed by statistical data. Choose from the several successful template designs available on Fundraiser Brick and create customized flyers for fundraising events of your own. You will be working on ideas and designs which have been established already for their high rate of success. Make the necessary changes to further improve and customize the flyer’s final design in tune with the coming event. Always choose a core design that’s relevant to the fundraiser event. Even the most successful design without relevance would be just that — irrelevant!

Simplicity is Not the Universal Answer

Go through any post on tips about designing flyers for fundraisers and you will come across a section that professes the importance of “keeping it simple.” That is just bad, nonspecific advice.

Simplicity of design has very little to do with a flyer’s success rate unless the fundraiser’s theme or cause itself demands it to be designed in a simplistic manner.

Barring such events, people are usually intrigued by a thought-provoking, creative design than a barebones, oversimplistic choice. Clever designs are far more likely to catch the people’s attention than the generic, cheap flyers people throw away all the time.

Quality of presentation is extremely important for garnering interest and an oversimplified design only comes off as lazy and generic. Do make sure that legibility is not sacrificed in the process though. Ensure that everything on the flyer is clearly and easily visible.

Maintain the Proportions

If you are working on an established template flyer for fundraiser events, try to maintain the proportions as best as possible. By proportions, we mean:
• Ratio of size between all textual, pictorial, and diagrammatic elements of the design.
• Ratio of the aforementioned elements in proportion to the flyer’s intended size.
To keep your designs proportionate and legible, resize the virtual template on screen until it attains the same dimensions as that of the real flyers. This little trick will help you design the flyers more practically. For example, if the flyers are to be printed out in A5 size, then adjust the template to fit an area of 14.8cm x 21cm on screen as well. Most flyer customization web tools and graphic designer applications should have a one-click option to set it as such.

Finally, keep in mind that if you need to zoom in on something you just designed, it’s probably a bad design choice. Real life flyers can’t be zoomed in without a magnifying glass and no one is going to do that to read a flyer!

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