P3 International invented a wonderful little piece of gear, named Smart Warmer 3 in 1, and it is a pocket hand warmer that the people who are sensitive to cold are going to love.

Now, you must be wondering why the “3 in 1”. Well, it is because this is not only a hand warmer, but an iPhone charger and a flashlight, as well. You can already tell that the Smart Warmer 3 in 1 is not like the other disposable hand warmers, but there is more – this one can be recharged over 500 times, and it needs just two hours to be fully charged via the mini-USB, so your icy fingers will enjoy it for more than one winter.

Pocket hand warmer smartphone charger

This amazing device can be easily carried anywhere you go, since it is slim and lightweight, while keeping your hands warm, and you will not need to worry about your cell phone’s battery getting empty . Smart Warmer 3 in 1 is able to reach its maximum temperature of 106 degrees in about two minutes, and the aluminum shell helps it stay warm for the next three hours. It comes in two colors, green and silver, and a soft knit sleeve.

This is one of those products that you will never regret having, because it is useful to everyone in many ways, and it deserves a spot right next to your keys in the pocket. Smart Warmer 3 in 1 is available at the price of around $30.

Get it from Amazon here

Pocket hand warmer

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