Treehouses were a big part of our lives while we were growing up but many of us seldom pay attention to the idea as we become adults. However, one man has found inspiration in treehouses and designed something dreamlike. His name is Luciano Pia and his creation is 25 Verde, an apartment building which has the appearance of a giant lush forest.

25 Verde stands out

25 Verde is different from ever other building in Turin

25 Verde (25 Green when translated from Italian) is one of the most beautifully designed modern apartment buildings in the world. This eco-friendly design makes the building stand out with its beauty as every part of it is integrated with nature. There are over 150 deciduous trees incorporated in the building and each and every one of them has an important function. The asymmetric shape of the terraces on the building allow the trees to grow out of it at random intervals and there are around 40 of them in the courtyard of the building where ponds have been placed in order for the residents to have a relaxing environment.

25 Verde has over 150 trees

There are over 150 deciduous trees in the building

The trees of this five stories high building create a sort of micro-climate as they protect the residents from toxins put in the air by vehicles and regulate the temperature inside the building. During summer, the lush trees prevent sunlight from reaching your apartment while during winter, as these are deciduous trees, they do the opposite. This combination of a large number of trees, steel girders and asymmetric shape will make you feel like you have taken residence in one of the biggest treehouses in the world: much to your inner child’s joy.

The asymmetrical terraces of 25 Verde

The asymmetrical terraces allow trees to sprout out

If you would like to visit this beautiful building or maybe even take up residence there, it is located at Via Chabrera 25 in Turin, Italy. [via] watch video below

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