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Here at Jebiga, we’ve covered a few tiny homes but now wanted to make the ultimate list of amazing structures you should definitely check out if you’re thinking of purchasing a tiny house. They are convenient for more than just that- you can rent it for a vacation or get inspired and build one yourself. Tiny Houses usually feature smart designs that maximize the space and allow you to stay connected with nature.

We won’t waste any more of your time and we’ll get straight to the point. Check out our list:

1 – Alpha Tiny House

Alpha Tiny House

Alpha Tiny House Interior

The first one on the list is a multifunctional portable home with a 240 square feet of floor space, designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes. Inside, there’s a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living area. Also, one wall can be opened to create a cool wooden porch. Some smart solutions inside of the Alpha Tiny Home include stairs that can be turned either into a storage unit or a dining table. The kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped with appliances like a dishwasher, oven, washer and dryer while the bed is located in the loft.

2 – Vista Tiny House

Vista Tiny House

Vista Tiny House Interior

With only 160 square feet of space, Vista is one of the smallest houses you’ll see. The space inside is maximized by eliminating items like a bathtub, full-size fridge, and oven. All the rooms are connected and thanks to many windows, there is a lot of natural light coming in. Also, the interior uses mostly bright wood, making it look even bigger than it actually is. Not to forget lots of storage units under the sink and bed.

3 – Basecamp Tiny Homes

Basecamp Tiny Homes

Basecamp Tiny Homes Interior

You can now get a building plan to construct a perfect getaway – Basecamp Tiny Home. This 204 sq ft home stands on a three-axle trailer and has two floors. Living room, kitchen and the bathroom are located on the main floor while the bedroom is upstairs. Basecamp comes with different add-on options, it’s designed to be pet-friendly, to work off the grid and comes with plenty of storage space. Propane gas takes care of the heating system and cooking, there’s also a rainwater collection system and solar panels on the roof.

4 – Getaway Tiny Cabins

Getaway Tiny Cabins

Getaway Tiny Cabins Interior

These Getaway Tiny Cabins are for rent and they are located in a natural surrounding near Boston and New York. You need less than two hours driving from the city to get there and once you do, you’ll enjoy the retreat in the woods. For each location, there are three models, each one different in style and capacity. All are comfortable and safe and come with different accessories like a propane stove, toilet, shower, and all the kitchen essentials you may need.

5 – Toybox Tiny Home

Toybox Tiny Home

Toybox Tiny Home Interior

Toybox Tiny Home is a 140 square feet mobile home. This comfortable living solution features many smart designs that maximize the space like sliding doors, rearrangeable seats and a moveable ladder that lead to the upper part where the bed is. The bathroom includes a sink, toilet and shower and there’s a fully functional kitchen inside as well.

6 – Balnarring Retreat

Balnarring Retreat

Balnarring Retreat Interior

This small residence is built for slow living. The idea was that the room can be turned into a variety of functions so you can use it as a private residence but also as a studio or a reading room. It has foldable furniture, a lot of storage space and a great view of the pond. Both interior and exterior are made from quality wood.

7 – Studio Padron Cabin

Studio Padron Cabin

Studio Padron Cabin Interior

Continuing with our small and minimalistic homes, we introduce you to this reading cabin located in upstate New York. It serves both as a guest house and a library. Walls, ceiling, and floor are made of wood and there’s a wood burning stove inside. Besides the stove, this one room cabin includes a bed, small desk, and armchair for reading. Not to forget many shelves for storage and books.

8 – Calypso Tiny Home

Calypso Tiny Home

Calypso Tiny Home Interior

Believe it or not, this French tiny house is home to a family of three. It’s 21 ft long and 13 ft high, has the main living space with a dining area, kitchen and a sofa as well as the bathroom and separate rooms for a child and parents. The bathroom contains a composting toilet and a shower, the home has electricity and water as well as great insulation – sheep’s wool placed on the floor and cotton, linen and hemp in the walls.

9 – Greenmoxie Tiny Home

 Greenmoxie Tiny Home

Greenmoxie Tiny Home Interior

This tiny home is first of its kind for Canadian Greenmoxie. It occupies a total of 340 sq ft of floor space and stands on a triple-axle trailer. Probably its most important feature is the drawbridge deck, not something we see often. An electric winch system takes care of lowering and raising it. Inside, there’s a bedroom loft while the living area, kitchen, and bathroom are located on the ground floor. Some special additions include a small wood-burning stove, rainwater system, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

10 – Aurora Tiny House

Aurora Tiny House

Aurora Tiny House Interior

Aurora has a floor space of 337 sq ft and stands on a double axle trailer. What’s super cool about it is that it can expand in width and offer even more room. To be precise, it can go from 8.6 ft all the way to 15.1 ft. There’s just one floor, but it can comfortably fit a dining area, a kitchen, lounge, and a bathroom. There’s also a small office space that can be turned into a bedroom with just pulling down the bed. There’s both a heating and cooling system and if you choose, a solar power package and a composting toilet.

11 – The Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon Interior

Measuring 13.1 x 9 x 24 ft and with a small cozy loft, the Moon Dragon truly is a wooden fairytale retreat. The entire construction mixes different types of wood – mahogany ply floors, cork floors, cedar tongue and groove ceiling. The single bedroom is located upstairs while the main living area is downstairs together with the kitchen and a small bathroom. The stairs double as storage areas and thanks to a full solar kit, the house can function off-the-grid.

12 –  Tiny Heirloom House

Tiny Heirloom House

Tiny Heirloom House Interior

This one is not the typical tiny house but also serves as a rock climbing wall- on its exterior. Inside, the house is very luxurious and has two loft areas – one that serves as an office and the other one with a double bed. As for the ground floor, there’s the kitchen, dining area, two benches and of course, a bathroom. The lounge area can fit up to six people, so it’s super useful for having friends over. The house is based on a double-axle 28 ft long trailer.

13 – Tiny Heirloom Vintage Glam House

Tiny Heirloom Vintage Glam House

Tiny Heirloom Vintage Glam House Interior

Another house from Tiny Heirloom is this vintage glam one, standing on a 33 ft long double-axle trailer and featuring 200 sq ft of space on one floor. It was a commission for residents who wanted a suite that will fit their needs. Smart design allows the bed to be stashed away when not used and the motorized platform includes a bench, table, and stairs as well. There’s, of course, a bathroom and kitchen, both quite spacious.

14 – Koda Concrete Micro Home

 Koda Concrete Micro Home

Koda Concrete Micro Home Interior

This one is produced by an Estonian firm Kodasema and it’s prefabricated. This means it will only take around seven hours for it to be installed on the site. It’s built from concrete and occupies 326 sq ft and won’t need any special foundations for it to be placed. The ground floor is reserved for a living area, kitchen, and bathroom while the small staircase leads to a bedroom and laundry. Finally, the roof solar panels make it sustainable and efficient.

15 –  84 Lumber Roving House

84 Lumber Roving House

84 Lumber Roving House Interior

The Roving House from 84 Lumber is perfect for DIY enthusiasts since you can get if fully furnished or a semi-DIY version with just the basic construction. Since it’s on a trailer, it’s easily towed. The 154 sq ft are arranged to fit a living area, kitchen, closet, and bathroom. Two lofts are accessed by ladder and are reserved for sleeping and storage areas. The electricity is supplied from a standard RV hookup and you’ll be able to get a solar power option in the future as well.

16 – The Fox House

The Fox House

The Fox House Interior

This one is located in Nashville and was inspired by a poem by Wendell Berry. The idea was for it to be full of natural light. The interior is vintage and mostly wooden that gives it a rustic charm. As for space, this 100-square-foot house has a cozy living area with a lot of storage shelves and plants, a small office area and a bedroom that fits a full-size bed.

17 – Atticus House

Atticus House

Atticus House Interior

Located in Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, Atticus features a natural cedar plank exterior that fits perfectly into the environment. It features an 111-square-foot ground floor and a 67-square-foot loft that fits a queen bed. There’s also a twin bed downstairs so four people can sleep inside this house. Atticus also has a fully functional kitchen decorated in masculine tones.

18 – Tiny Getaway Home

Tiny Getaway Home

Tiny Getaway Home Interior

Created by Handcrafted Movement, this home occupies 26′ x 8.5′. It features a Pacific red cedar exterior, metal roof and a classy wooden door. The interior continues with the wooden elements and maximizes space by using a built-in work desk and storage closet. There’s also a functioning kitchen and a queen bed on a slightly elevated loft area. In fact, there’s a 70 sq ft main loft, and a 24 sq ft mini loft.

19 – Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes Interior

Liberation Tiny Homes are located in Lancaster County, PA and they give you the opportunity both to stay in a house and order it. There are several models whether you’re thinking of a house on wheels of a shell construction. Some features of the custom home include a customizable floor plan, trailer up to 30′ in length, metal roofing and many options for siding. The interior is furnished with IKEA cabinetry, electrical system, composting toilet, water heater and a 3-burner cooktop.

20 – Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Timbercraft Tiny Homes Interior

This company allows you to customize your home according to your needs and budget. As for the standard features, they include a custom fabricated trailer with desired height, LP Smart Side siding, and a metal roof. The interior mostly has pine elements, painted cabinets, and countertops. There’s a flush toilet bathroom and a water hookup. You can also choose to have some fancier options like a dryer and washer, solar panels and TV hookups.

21 – Traveler Tiny Home

Traveler Tiny Home

Traveler Tiny Home Interior

From the same company that brought us the Vista Home, we introduce you to the Traveler. This custom steel trailer occupies 180 sq ft on the first floor and 89 sq ft in lofts. The steel of the exterior is combined with the pre-finished cedar lap siding and low windows. Inside, you’ll find a bedroom in the loft accessed by a ladder, multiple storage units, and a fully furnished kitchen.

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