2016 Summer Special Minion Sale

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Everbuying has brought us some fantastic deals, like they did in their 2016 Teclast Megasale, but now, they have brought us a new sale. When Despicable Me came out, it seemed that the whole world was taken by storm, children and adults alike took an immediate liking to the goofy and comical characters that the minions were. Now Everbuying has started their latest sale, the 2016 Summer Special Minion Sale, so that you can get you or your kids some of their favorite minions.

With a wide variety of minion products to choose from, including iPhone covers, USB flash drives, Lego’s and much more, we are certain that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

SJ881 RC Minion Copter

Bound to be fun for hours, this mini RC Copter can function automatically or be controlled via the remote control.

Some of the products, like the SJ881 RC Smart Copter are sure to bring a smile to your kids’ faces. It features 2 different modes – automatic and transmitter – and works via an infrared controller. It also features a 3.7V 75mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery and is selling for dirt cheap.

Minion Star Wars figurines

Star Wars + Minion Figurines = The perfect desk or bookshelf decorations.

Riding on the recent Star Wars wave, Everbuying is offering a sale on 6-piece Star Wars Minion figurine sets that each have their own unique pose and personality. They measure 8 centimeters in height and are perfect decorations for a bookshelf or desk.

8GB Minion Blue Pants USB

This flash drive works with simply with Plug and Play and USB 2.0 capabilities.

If you were looking for something more in-line with computers, then the 8GB Blue Pants Minion USB flash drive is just for you. Reduced by 71%, this USB drive features Plug and Play capabilities as well as compatibility with USB 2.0.

We only outlined a few of the products that are on sale and they still have plenty that will definitely catch your attention. Check out the sale here.

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