Volkswagen is one of the most famous car companies in the world and one of their best selling and definitely longest-lasting model is the Golf. Its current seventh generation is enriched with several electric car offers as well and, along with the e-Golf which provides a range of 93 miles, there is also a far more practical hybrid version called the Golf GTE.

The GTE is the first plug-in hybrid Golf out there. It is based on the sporty GTI version and it is a proper road car. The heart of the drivetrain is a 1.4l TSI petrol engine with 148hp and a 75kW electric motor. Riding solely on the electric motor, the GTE has the range of 31 miles, but combined with the petrol engine the range comes to an amazing 580 miles. The top speed for all electric drive is 81mph, while with the full power it comes to a very respectable figure of 135mph. The acceleration is also respectable – it reaches 62mph in just 7.6 seconds.

2015 Golf Hybrid exterior

The battery can be recharged in three and a half hours when plugged into a common household outlet, while a charging unit can reduce recharge time to two and a half hours. Additionally, regenerative breaking helps recharge the battery on the go. This kind of a setup allows for some efficient consumption and emissions figures. Of course, depending on your particular driving style, these can vary greatly, but they are said to go all the way up to 157mpg for consumption and 35 g/km for emissions.

The VW people haven’t forgotten other perks. The Golf GTE features LED lights and seventh generation Golf’s recognizable compact class styling with slightly more aggressive front and bulky yet stylish side and back. On the inside you will find a Discover Pro satellite navigation system presented on an 8-inch screen, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Having in mind its practicality it is no wonder that the Golf GTE will only come in 5-door version. The price has not been announced yet and it is to become known in August of 2014.

Golf hybrid GTE

Hybrid Golf interior

2015 Golf Hybrid Interior

Inside the Golf GTE Hybrid

2015 Golf GTE

2015 Golf GTE

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