If there’s a cyclist or a hiker in your life you want to make particularly happy this Christmas, or are one yourself and you don’t really know what a perfect present would be, we can help! In our 2015 Christmas Gift Guide, we present you the perfect gadgets, gear and presents for passionate cyclists and hikers.

Our list includes various products, such as hiking boots, LED lights, https://www.globosurfer.com/best-solar-chargers/, gloves, and more. With either one of these, you just can’t go wrong. And the recipient will be surprised and overjoyed with the present and how thoughtful you were picking it out.


A bicycle secured to a pole with The ABUS Bordo Combo 6100, upper view, and the lock folded, on a white background.

The ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 can be folded and it uses a lock combination.

Having a quality bike lock is essential if you want to keep the bike in your possession. The ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 is made from 5 mm thick hardened steel bars interlinked with special rivets to prevent detaching. This bike lock uses a combination lock so you don’t have to worry about carrying or misplacing your key. This also helps prevent forceful opening of the lock. This bike lock is very practical as it can be folded and attached to the bike, and it comes in three colors: red, black, and white, so you can choose the color that goes best with your bike.

BUY | $85


A bicycle with LED Bike Wheel Lights attached to the wheels, ridden, simulation.

Besides providing great visibility, the LED Bike Wheel Lights will make a light show as you pedal.

If you’re afraid you’re not visible enough on your bike when you hit the city streets at night, these LED Bike Wheel Lights by MonkeyLectric may be the perfect solution. And it’s an understatement to say you’ll just be visible with these. No, these offer a live light show on your wheels! They can provide 20 different light patterns when you’re pedaling at speeds between 15 and 65 km/h. These lights are easy to strap to the spokes and are completely waterproof. The battery holder is fitted to the hub to maintain the light glowing without messing with the balance of the wheel. The three AA batteries promise an amazing 40-hour biking light show!

BUY | from $25


A RFLKT Bike Computer screen, and the gadget attached to a blue bicycle handle bar. White background.

The RFLKT Bike Computer connects with your phone via Bluetooth and provides you performance information.

For keeping track of cycling performance, the RFLKT Bike Computer is the gadget to get. This Wahoo Fitness bike computer’s powered by iPhone and programmed to monitor your heart rate, pace, and speed all at once. The gadget’s connected with your phone via Bluetooth and displays all the info from the iPhone’s GPS bike application on the screen. You can safely store your phone into a zipped pocket or saddlebag and still monitor your performance. The device has a 128×128 resolution screen with high contrast and backlight. This bike computer uses a small, long-lasting coin cell battery that can last for the course of the entire year. It’s also weatherproof and shockproof.

BUY | $90


A smartphone attached to a bicycle via HandleBand, horizontally and perpendicularly. Gray background.

The HandleBand allows you to safely fix your phone to the handlebar for easy access.

Designed to keep your smartphone easily accessible during your bike ride, this is another innovative practical item for all bike lovers. Attach HandleBand to the bars of your bike and place safely your iPhone in for maximum protection and display visibility. This item is made from stretchy silicone strap fixed to the aluminum base which makes it very lightweight. Highly adjustable, it can fit handlebars ranging from 0.9-2.0 inches in diameter, and it can be placed both horizontally and perpendicularly. Thanks to the flexibility of the strap, you can fit almost any iPhone into the HandleBand. This item is available in black and clear colors.

BUY | $16


The Bar Mitts Hand Covers, black/red, attached to a red bicycle.White background.

The Bar Mitts Hand Covers will keep your hands protected from various weather conditions.

All cyclists love to take their bikes on the road even in harsh winter conditions. To make this experience a little more comfortable, Bar Mitts company has designed hand covers for cyclists. These are made from 5.5 mm thick material called neoprene, which has great waterproofing and insulation features. There’s also nylon laminate on both sides. These pockets for your hands cover the grips completely and are easily installed on handlebars using Velcro straps. The Bar Mitts Hand Covers will keep your hands tucked in and warm without affecting your ability to brake or shift gears.

BUY | $42


A man squatting, drinking water from a freshwater source using the NDUR Survival Straw . the NDUR Survival Straw on a white background.

When you don’t have your water supply you can have a drink from any freshwater source thanks to the NDUR Survival Straw, without worrying of catching any disease.

Those who like going on far, remote tracks in the woods are at risk of getting lost and running out of drinking water. When you get dehydrated, everything becomes difficult. Luckily, for those situations when you’re out of your water supply, you can use the NDUR Survival Straw to safely drink water from any freshwater source. This straw acts as an advanced filter that can eliminate up to 99.9% of micro-organisms, chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, as well as viruses and bacteria, including E-Coli. This pocket-sized straw is made from BPA free plastic, and it can filter 25 gallons of fresh water, or more, depending on the water source.

BUY | $75


The Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool with add-ons and a solar panel in the background.

The Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool’s all in one: a battery, a fan, and a flashlight.

When exploring the great outdoors, one of the main commodities you’d want to have at hand is a portable power source. Portable power gear producer Goal Zero has created a versatile Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool. This item is cylinder-shaped and equipped with a replaceable 3000mAh lithium battery. The battery connects to a plug-and-play 7-watt solar panel with multiple 5V ports to supply power for your smartphone, camera, GPS device, and other. In addition, this tool has a flashlight head that outputs 160 lumens of LED light. But that’s not all. During hot summer days, you can transform this item into a small quiet fan to keep you cool. The multi-tool can be charged full in 4-6 hours when exposed to direct sunlight or if you plug into a wall outlet.

BUY | $89


The Buckshot Bicycle speaker attached to a metal pole. White background.

The Buckshot Bicycle speaker allows you to make handsfree calls and to listen to your favorite tunes during the bike ride.

Outdoor Tech has designed this speaker considering the needs of cyclists and all the people who love the great outdoors. The Buckshot Bicycle Speaker is originally designed as a portable, and compact wireless speaker, microphone, flashlight and powerbank. It allows you to carry your music with you wherever you go, as well as to taking calls hands-free so nothing can affect your ride. The item’s rugged rubber exterior provides impact protection. The speaker and the microphone are also protected with a dust-proof nutshell and it can handle an occasional splash of water. The battery can last for up to 16 hours of continuous usage. The multipurpose rubber’s an easy solution for fixing the speaker tightly to your bicycle.

BUY | $79.95


The Biom Terrain Hiking Boots green/gray, worn, on a rocky terrain.

The Biom Terrain Hiking Boots feature the BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology for maximum comfort.

If you know someone who’s an extreme hiker and loves exploring wild terrains, this boot will make a perfect Christmas present! Designed by Ecco, the Biom Terrain Hiking Boots are an award-winning adventure mountain boot. They feature a direct-injected sole made of PU and leather, which ensures perfect traction. The durability and sturdiness are ensured by chemically bonded uppers made of strong Yak leather. The reinforced toe cap and heel provide additional protection while GORE-TEX lining makes these boots waterproof. Their light weight and BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology provide ultimate comfort. Not to forget, these boots are also very good-looking.

BUY | $161


The Ivation Boomer Portable Bluetooth Speaker's narrow middle provides easy attaching to the bike.

The Ivation Boomer Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s narrow middle provides easy attaching to the bike.

Enrich your bike rides with your favorite tunes to make it a supreme experience. Our choice for this year Christmas purchase is the Ivation Boomer Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It has a tubular shape that’s narrow in the middle to provide easy attachment to the bike’s handlebars. Additional items you’ll get for fixing the speakers to the bike are two mounts, one made of silicone, and the other one of hard plastic. This item has two speakers, one on each side, a microphone for hands-free calls, and a standard set of controls in the middle. The Boomer has a 1200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can last for hours. The speaker’s available in black and blue.

BUY | $40


Rearviz, the rear view bicycle mirror, worn on an arm by a cyclist during a ride.

No need to worry or turn around all the time. Simply put Rearviz on your arm and see who’s coming behind you.

Since traffic’s getting more and more crowded and the people are getting more nervous, being a cyclist comes with a certain amount of risk when you hit the road. To increase the safety of cyclists, the Bicycle Store brings you Rearviz rear view bicycle mirror. What separates this rearview mirror from other similar products made for cyclists is the innovative idea of attaching it to the cyclist’s arm, instead of the handlebars or the helmet. This mirror’s very versatile, practical, and adjustable. The mirror’s convex and it comes with a protective housing to store it in when it’s not needed. This mirror’s flexibility is amazing as it can be rotated 360 degrees and opened at any angle. To increase the comfort, it’s attached to a breathable Velcro armband.

BUY | $37


The CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration backpac, red, worn, back and front view.

The CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration backpack provides hands-free hydration and is very light and easy to operate.

On longer bike rides, especially during hot summer months, it’s very important to stay well hydrated. Well, now you can do that hands-free as well, thanks to the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration backpack. It’s ideal for cyclists because it’s easy for maneuvering even when it’s fully loaded, thanks to the narrow-gauge design. It can hold three liters of water and all the gear you need for the entire day on the road. The backpack also features an NV back panel that provides ventilation so your back stays dry. There’s also a built-in rain cover to keep you protected in bad weather conditions. And you’ll love the weather-resistant MP3 pocket.

BUY | from $134


The Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger and Battery Bank attachment to the bicycle wheel.

The Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger and Battery Bank allows you to store and use the energy you create pedaling to charge your electronics.

When you’re riding your bike, you’re producing force, so why not turn that force into usable energy? The Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger and Battery Bank enables you to make use of the energy you’re producing while pedaling. By burning calories, you can simultaneously charge your phone, GPS, or any electronics compatible with USB. The USB platform has a 5V-800mA output. If your devices don’t need charging at the time, you can store the energy produced in the battery part so you can use it later. The device is also weather-resistant. It’s important to know, however, that this charger is incompatible with disc brakes.

BUY | $130


WingLights Indicator for Bicycles, attached to a bicycle handle.

Let the 4 LEDs per indicator keep you safe in traffic by showing everyone your intended direction.

Another product designed by Cycl to improve cyclist’s safety in traffic is WingLights Indicators for Bicycles. These lights are easy to attach to the bike and to take off, and they serve as direction indicators to show car drivers which way you’re headed and to avoid a collision. They’re made of aluminum so they’re light, but they’re also shockproof and waterproof, which makes them useful in all weather conditions. Each indicator has 4 extra bright LEDs and is compatible with both straight and curved handlebars. The colors available are black, electric red (red and silver), and nite rider (black and red).

BUY | $50


The Boost Urban Hiker Boots by Adidas , navy black, bottom and side view.

The Boost Urban Hiker Boots by Adidas keep you warm in all weather conditions thanks to the BOOST technology.

The Boost Urban Hiker Boots by Adidas are another magnificent piece of footwear that features advanced production technologies. Besides looking really cool and modern, these boots provide ultimate comfort, warmth, and durability in all weather conditions. Thanks to the BOOST technology, your feet will stay warm in temperatures ranging from -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The Primaloft insulation material keeps you comfortable and warm even in wet conditions. The midsole provides great cushioning properties and makes these boots great on rocky surfaces while the outsole made from Continental Rubber grip helps you stick to all surfaces. These boots are available in tree colors: Navy Black, Black/Bold Orange and Raw Ochre/Solar Yellow.

BUY | $120


Suaoki Solar LED Lantern, tilted and regular view, on a white background.

The Suaoki Solar LED Lantern can be charged by direct sunlight or via mini USB port and is ideal for camping.

If you’re going camping or hiking in the woods, the Suaoki Solar LED Lantern is one item you should definitely bring with you. It can be charged by sunlight or via USB port and it has a built-in battery to store the energy for later usage. It provides a bright light and it has three lighting modes. It can be folded and packed or hooked to a backpack for easy transportation. The smart protection chip protects the battery from overcharging and over-circuit, which makes it safe to use. This item’s a real must-have for campers, hikers, and all outdoor lovers.

BUY | $17


The Gel Padded Super Breathable Gloves, black and gray side, on a white background.

The Gel Padded Super Breathable Gloves with the silicone gel padded palm are soft, skid proof, and durable.

Another essential cycling accessory’s the Gel Padded Super Breathable Gloves. Brought to you by 4ucycling, this professional cycling glove is made from high-density net fabric, lycra, and leather. This perfect combo provides protection from the sun, makes the gloves breathable, and sweat absorbent. These gloves are elegant and comfortable, and suitable for all seasons. With the silicone gel padded palm, these are skid proof and durable. For optimized safety, the gloves feature elasticated cuffs, Velcro closure design, and a fluorescent logo. These gloves are soft and flexible to provide you maximum comfort and keep your hands dry.

BUY | $21

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