2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Coffee Lovers

Coffee. You can’t not love it. The drink we can’t wake up without, can’t go a day without, can’t think of our lives without. It’s coffee, for God’s sakes. So “coffee lovers” could’ve just been “everybody” if you ask us. These here are the gifts that would make anyone super-happy this Christmas. Trust us.

This time, in our Christmas Gift Guide series, we’re bringing you many coffee makers, some grinders and thermoses and some stuff you didn’t even know existed. The only problem with pretty much all of them is that there’s a great possibility they’ll end up in your own house instead of being wrapped and put under the tree. We know you want it, but this time, think of your fellow coffee-lover and treat them something really special. Check out our suggestions

  1. Hario V60 Drip Decanter

Hario V60 Drip Decanter

If you’re feeling like brewing your coffee in the traditional way, this is the right choice for you.

Let’s start with a coffee brewer-decanter that’ll give you a really unique experience with your favorite drink. If you’re a traditional guy and only like drinking coffee you brewed yourself, Hario V60 Drip Decanter is the best thing for you. The V60 dripper guarantees maximum coffee expansion during brewing, while its paper filters will fit the top perfectly. And, here’s the cool part – when you’re done brewing, just remove the dripper and now you have a fashionable and elegant decanter to serve coffee directly from.

BUY | $19

  1. Jiva Coffee Cubes

Jiva Coffee Cubes

Have your coffee on the go – totally organic and natural.

For those of you who can’t go without coffee for a few hours you spend outside, there is now a solution that you can bring along wherever you go. Jiva Coffee Cubes are super-practical: all you have to do is take one and put it in hot water – and your coffee is ready. So, put a few of them in your bag or keep them stored in your office desk just in case and never worry about getting a coffee crisis again. They come in different flavors so you can pick your favorite combination. They are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and don’t have any additives or preservatives in them. Just plain old Colombian coffee on the go!

BUY | $15 

  1. Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Make your coffee in the most chemically correct way with this hourglass-shaped coffee maker.

The Illinois Institute of Technology selected Chemex Glass Coffee Maker as one of the 100 best-designed products of modern times! This alone should be reason enough to want it, but there’s more. Brew your coffee in the most chemically correct way – whatever that means. Made entirely of glass, the hourglass-shaped coffee maker doesn’t absorb any odors or residues that you definitely don’t want in your cup of coffee. Also, you can be sure that the filters are the best possible quality. For those of you who always seem to break things when they use them, this one is going to be an exception, since it has no moveable parts that can go wrong  – just try not to drop it.

BUY | $62

  1. Breville’s BCG800X Smart Coffee Grinder

Breville’s BCG800X Smart Coffee Grinder

Dose every cup perfectly with this grinder!

If you’re determined to make the perfect coffee, you have to know the right dosage for it. Or, you don’t have to think that much – you can let Breville’s BCG800X Smart Coffee Grinder think for you and automatically calibrate each dose. Pick one of the 25 grind settings, including French press and espresso coffee – and it’s hands-free! And, you can be sure that the essential oils of your coffee beans will be preserved, since this grinder features stainless steel conical burrs to minimize grinding heat. And, of course, there’s always the option to manually adjust the preset amount to fit your own taste. Have the perfect coffee, every time.

BUY | $206

  1. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

This coffee maker will make sure all the aromatic oils from your coffee beans are properly extracted.

First designed back in the early ‘80s, the Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker is still very much functional nowadays. Easy to use, easy to clean and extremely durable, this coffee maker will make sure all the aromatic oils are properly extracted from your coffee beans. The mesh filter allows the subtle flavor to go directly to the cup instead of being absorbed by the paper filter. This French press can make up to 8 cups at a time, meaning you can host a pretty big gathering of your friends and be always remembered for the amazing flavor you provided for them.

BUY | $16

  1. Bialletti Moka Stovetop Coffee Maker

Bialletti Moka Stovetop Coffee Maker

It’ll only take you around five minutes to make 3 two-ounce cups of coffee.

This device is an appropriate gift for any coffee lover. It is elegant, and simple to use, as well as dependent- the proof of that is the fact that its varieties have been on the market for 80 years, and there were no complaints. With Bialletti Moka Stovetop Coffee Maker, it will take you only around five minutes to make 3 two-ounce cups of coffee, after which you can easily clean it by hand with soapy water. Today, there are millions of people using this non-electric device and it has allowed them to enjoy amazing and authentic coffee without having to go to a café to get it.

BUY | $21

  1. ROK Espresso Maker

ROK Espresso Maker

You don’t need electricity to brew coffee with this one!

Looking for an affordable and long-lasting espresso maker that will make excellent coffee? ROK Espresso Maker is one of the best at-home coffee makers, and it has been recognized as one of the “Best Stuff of 2012” by the GQ magazine. It comes with a 10-year warranty and you don’t need electricity in order to brew coffee. Just like the espresso makers in cafés, yours will also come with a stainless steel frother with which you will make great rich milk to put in your lattes, and cappuccinos. To make excellent coffee, you won’t need any capsules as the maker brews with ground coffee. And if some part breaks within ten years, it will be replaced free of charge.

BUY | $177.50

  1. Wacaco Minipresso

Wacaco Minipresso

Easily carry this one in your hand or bag.

For a person who is often out of the house and has no time to drink coffee at cafés, Wacaco Minipresso can be a perfect Christmas present. It’s a coffee device that you can easily carry in your hands, or place safely into a bag. It prepares amazing coffee that could be compared with that which comes from professional espresso machines, and the best thing is that you can make it on the go, wherever and whenever. It weighs less than a pound and it is very easy to use. After adding ground coffee and hot water, you can press the piston and extract as much coffee as you please into the built-in cup.

BUY | $59

  1. Handpresso Wild ESE

Handpresso Wild ESE

Make espresso, but cappuccino, Americano and latte with this portable coffee maker.

Another portable espresso machine you can take with you wherever you go. This is a perfect gift for persons who can’t imagine spending an entire day out of the house without a cup of excellent coffee. Handpresso Wild ESE doesn’t only make espresso, but cappuccino, Americano and latte as well, so you can always choose what you’re going to have. It doesn’t weigh much, it’s durable and very easy to clean. All you need to make great coffee is boiling water and an E.S.E. pod which you can buy separately. Making coffee on the go has never been easier, and this gift will make someone very happy. That is unless you decide to keep it for yourself.

BUY | $141

  1. Handpresso Auto E.S.E

Handpresso Auto E.S.E

Make coffee easily even while on the road.

Every modern car has a 12-volt connection of a cigarette lighter, and that’s all you’re going to need, besides this convenient, car-appropriate espresso machine, in order to make delicious coffee while commuting to work. The cigarette lighter in your car can heat the water up to the point of boiling, and make 53 milliliters of your favorite coffee. As the name of this product implies, the Handpresso Auto E.S.E works with pre-loaded E.S.E. pods (little packets of espresso grounds) which are there to make the process more convenient and prevent you from making a mess in your car and spilling on yourself in those two minutes during which you’ll be making your perfect cup of coffee.

BUY | $159

  1. Canadiano Coffee Maker

Canadiano Coffee Maker

After trying coffee from it, you’ll never want another one.

With this coffee maker, you’ll love each day, even Mondays. Canadiano Coffee Maker is a perfect present for a person who appreciates wooden objects and an elegant design. It’s a coffee filter made with 100% walnut wood and stainless steel. It is handmade in a design studio based in Toronto where manufacturers have put in efforts to make this coffee maker durable, elegant and unique. It combines well with dark roast coffee beans that have a slightly delicate nutty flavor. If you buy this product, you will also get a metal filter for medium grounds. After trying coffee coming from Canadiano Coffee Maker, you’ll never go back to regular coffee again, just read the reviews.

BUY | $63

  1. iCooker Camera Lens Thermos

iCooker Camera Lens Thermos

The perfect present for coffee-loving photographers!

If you’re a coffee-loving photographer, iCooker Camera Lens Thermos is definitely worth checking out. First of all – it’s a thermos, and we’ll all need one of those this winter. The 12-oz cup will follow you around, looking super-stylish, not spilling your drinks. It’s also pretty hard to break due to its premium materials. Having this amazing thermos will keep things interesting and coffee hot for hours. Every drink is better-tasting when drunk from a beautiful cup, and this thermos will make the coffee-drinking experience far better than drinking from a regular-looking thermos.

BUY | $11

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